Why is it helpful to sleep in the Nude: nine important reasons

Sleep naked – extremely helpful. Among the several advantages, there are unexpected: weight loss and prevention of diabetes. We have collected ten reasons to get rid of the pajamas, writes newsyou.info.

1. Useful cool

No wonder doctors recommend sleeping in a room with a temperature not above 18 degrees. Our ancestors did, and not because of the fact that the heat was expensive. They knew that to sleep in the fresh air useful. During sleep the human body temperature is lowered. But the stuffiness in the room, warm nightwear, all these flannel pajama and tights for the night, all this prevents the natural cooling. And in addition does not allow the skin to breathe properly. That’s why, by the way, a dream sweat.

Dr. Elizabeth Shiver from the National society of healthy sleep USA warns: clothes while sleeping increases your body temperature level, which reduces melatonin production, as well as the “sleep hormone”, which is otherwise also called “the hormone of anti-aging”.

2. Rejuvenation

Another agent of anti-aging that does not like heat, this is the “growth hormone”. It is aimed at the regeneration of the skin and many organs, but over time its production decreases (this is why, by the way, in old age person lose weight harder). Growth hormone is the main “engine” of muscle growth, and its advantage are your glowing skin and hair.

3. Better sex

If you sleep alone, then you should know that the contact of two bodies causes hormonal cocktail that promotes a positive mood. Its primary ingredient is oxytocin, also called the “love hormone”.

A group of scientists from the National Institute of child health and human development in Maryland and Stanford University in California proved that as in sleep than men, independent of their reproductive function. It turns out that sperm quality improves if men sleep naked. While clothing provokes the temperature increase in the area of testicles, and sperm quality becomes significantly lower.

4. Hardening

Sleep in the Nude stimulates the immune system: first, the body gets rid of effects of stress, and secondly, the body was “trained” for the winter. Another positive effect of sleep in the coolness lies in low blood pressure. But the heat and moisture is the best breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Protection from fungal infections

Low temperature is beneficial for your feet and underarms. Airflow reduces bacteria and risk of skin diseases. And yet, according to researcher Nicole Praus University of California, Los Angeles, light “ventilation” is good for intimate parts of the body.

6. Young skin

Skin health need enough fresh air and in the air. The more the skin breathes, the less you face with eczema and irritations.

7. Protection from diabetes

A Swedish study showed that sleep in cold temperatures improves metabolism and reduces blood sugar levels. People who want to achieve this effect, have to sleep naked. Treat this as your first step in the prevention of diabetes of the second type.

8. Slim waist

Sleep without any clothes on also lowers the levels of cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone.” And he is one of the reasons for the accumulation of fats in our body. In addition, this sleep is an important factor in the proper secretion of HGH, which in turn also has fat burning properties.

9. Savings

And of course, you will be able to significantly save on the purchase of all this Arsenal dressing for sleep. Like a trifle, but for a family of four or five people — a good increase to the family budget.