Trump and Russia: not too much of a coincidence?

The Washington Post wrote: according to law enforcement officials and other us officials last summer, the FBI obtained secret court orders to monitor the contacts of the Advisor of presidential candidate Donald trump in the investigation of possible links between Russia and members of election headquarters.

Both the state officials, the FBI and the Department of justice got a court order for contact tracing Carter Paige (Carter Page) after they managed to convince the judge of the Court of the foreign intelligence surveillance is that probably there is reason to believe that Paige was acting as the agent of a foreign power — in this case Russia.

And the media again reported about the former Chairman of the election headquarters Field Manaforce(Paul Manafort), whose name is “floated” in the payment registers in Ukraine: “according to the documents of the financial statements, have fallen into the possession of the news Agency Associated Press, payments in the amount of $ 1.2 million, as specified in the statement opposite the name of Manafort were indeed obtained his American consulting firm.

This includes the amount paid in the 2007 and 2009 that serves as primary evidence that the firm of Manafort received, at least part of the money, the so-called “black accounting”. But there’s something else: according to reports, Manafort led “to the 2014 secret lobbying in Washington in the interests of the Ukrainian Pro-Russian Party of regions”. Now he’s going to retroactively register their work, thereby “affirming that was not provided to the Ministry of justice information about their work in the manner prescribed by Federal law.” Of course, during the election campaign, the FBI conducted against him, the investigation on his contacts with Russian officials.

We should not forget about the former national security adviser Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), who received a cash reward of 50 thousand dollars from the Kremlin propaganda channel RT, and presumably came to the attention of special services during the surveillance of the Russian Ambassador.

None of the famous us presidential campaigns did not appear no one (and especially three people), who allegedly had ties with a foreign enemy of the United States. Do these people happened to be members of the same selective staff of the candidate who refused to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly invited the Russians to hack the mail server of his opponent during the elections, the progress of which the Russians tried to influence acting against Hillary Clinton? It’s probably just a coincidence, but extremely unlikely.

Now Carter page, of Manafort and Flynn has all reason to cooperate with the FBI. Investigators will want to know, among other things, how it happened that they all started working on trump, what Trump was known about their links with Russia, which contacts may have been that they (or someone else) with Russian officials, and why the change in platform of the National Committee of the Republican party in Ukraine. Hard to imagine that won’t pop up a lot of new as willing to cooperate and the witness will report new information in addition to the intelligence, which already includes the FBI.

Apart from all these threads and availability to confirm the secret collaboration between the team of trump and Russian remains one unpleasant fact — a blatant, blatant and constant coherence between trump and the Russian propagandists, it seems, was secured in the General election. Ben Witts (Ben Wittes), Jordan Brunner (Brunner Jordan) and Diruretic QUINTA (Quinta Jurecic), leading the Lawfare blog, writing:

“It included public incitement of the Russians to hacker attacks on the network of democratic organizations and democratic politicians; the denial of the facts of committing break-ins; support of the organization WikiLeaks, which is known to all, in fact, as the “publishing division” operating in the framework of its Russian operations and publishes information obtained through the hacking of hacks; public disclosure of the contents of the stolen emails…. And after connection the Russian authorities to the hacker attacks started talking openly, trump called for Russian to commit further attacks.

Trump and his associates collaborated with those who carried out these operations. Due to the fact that they did it publicly and legally, their activities did not cease to be collaboration with the enemy is possible, this cooperation is just a more candid and open. In addition, the openness and legitimacy of such cooperation do not make it less vicious and immoral”.

As the authors argue, we need to know “has been violated any laws, was not anyone from the orbit of trump’s compromised by Russian intelligence.” The investigation by the security services — in which, according to the Director of the FBI James Komi (James Comey), study possible criminal activity continues. However, those who believe that accepting help from foreign powers and working with her to undermine American democracy leads to results inherently illegitimate, clear evidence is required. All of the information needed in order to determine the moral legitimacy of this President, is already known. The fact that trump has taken his team so many people sympathetic to Russia, does not mean that these people were spies or had engaged in illegal activities. It merely serves as a confirmation that he was easy prey and acted like a simpleton, willing to take the help of any man, no matter how doubtful and tainted the reputation of this man.