Five products which should forever exclude from the diet

To make your cart more useful and economical, you should exclude these five points.

Processed meat products

Sausage, sausages, canned and frozen foods contain huge amounts of salt, preservatives and other chemicals. But the most harmful include saturated fats, which lead to increased levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood.


Many people buy margarine to save. But the substitute for butter is dangerous because it is composed of TRANS fats, which cause blood clots and as a consequence – heart attacks and strokes.


Mayonnaise – most harmful of all purchased sauces. Its regular use leads to diseases of the heart and blood vessels, shortness of breath, problems with digestion and excess weight.

Low-fat dairy products

Yogurts, milk and cream 0% fat content can pose a serious threat to the cardiovascular system. American scientists believe that regular consumption of low-fat meal reduces the elasticity of blood vessels and affects blood clotting.

Purchase muesli

In addition to a useful cereal, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, cereals contain huge amounts of sugar and vegetable fats, which can harm people who have problems with the heart rhythm and had a heart attack.


  • Who can not eat pumpkin