Apple Spas: everything you need to know about this day

Apple Spas is one of the most important holidays, which marks the Orthodox Church on August 19. This day is also called the Transfiguration.

  • Who said

Celebrate the feast of the Transfiguration Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics and adherents of the Armenian Apostolic Church, where he is one of the main and most beloved by the people. It symbolizes the end of summer and beginning of autumn cold and rain.

  • As noted

On the Church porch the congregation bring the fruits of the harvest: apples, peas, potatoes, cucumbers, rye, barley. All this the priest after mass to bless and read a prayer over him, grateful for what the congregation gives him a so-called first-fruits – a little of each variety of fruit borne.

On Apple spas taken oven Apple pies, and other dishes with the addition of apples. It is believed that on the occasion you need to buy the pies with the apples the children and the poor. Also on this day begins the harvest of apples and fruit harvesting for the winter.

What you have to do that day

  • Definitely on the Transfiguration of the Lord need to go to Church on the sacred Liturgy;
  • To consecrate apples and other fruits in the Church;
  • There is a tradition to make a wish when you first bite into the Apple;
  • Apple Spas – third summer day when people commemorate the dead (first of two Holy Thursday and Trinity). Ritual dishes, pies and dumplings with apples, baked apples, pastries and dishes made from apples, juice and compote.
  • Savior of the Apple feast 2017: signs

    • What is the weather on Apple Spas – and this is autumn.
    • Bees flock to honey – to prosperity in the house.
    • If the sowing of winter wheat the North wind blows, the ears will grow larger.
    • A clear cloudless sky on the Transformation to a frosty winter.
    • If this day the leaves on the trees turned yellow – waiting for the cold.
    • A lot of starlings in the trees – to the harsh January.
    • It is believed that if the weather this holiday dry and hot, the autumn will be the same. But if there is rain, the autumn will be rainy and cold.

    Earlier, we wrote what in any case can not be done on this day, as well as what is and what is not Holy in the Church.