The savagery of Russia and the Syrian regime after the us bombing

Donald trump launched a missile attack on a military base “Shirt” in Syria. This gave the Russian forces and the government regime of Syria the green light to retaliation, namely the shelling of the Syrian citizens in the areas that are not controlled by the regime. While Western and Arab media welcomed the American missile attack on Syria, the Russian military aircraft Syrian air strikes on civilian areas, destroying them and leaving behind a trail of dozens of dead and wounded people.

Trump strongly condemned the use of chemical weapons in Khan Sheyhun, but chose to ignore the crimes of Russia, which this time is using cluster and Napalm bombs, the use of which is prohibited by the international community.


Losses due to the military strike the United States was insignificant, it suggests that the script was carefully thought out by the Americans. The US has warned Russia of the impending attack that allowed the Syrian troops to evacuate the personnel of the air base. During an American missile strike destroyed six of the aircraft standing out there on the repair.

Russia has repeatedly stated that it has the advanced military weapons that are capable of intercepting Tomahawks or other cruise missiles. However, Russia has not used its advanced missile defense system to Syria to prevent air strikes. However, Russia recalled that the other military base equipped with missiles s-300 and s-400 and announced the return to the Russian frigate “Admiral Grigorovich” in the Mediterranean, equipped with cruise missiles similar to Tomahawks. Also, Russia announced the suspension of military coordination with the US forces in Syrian airspace and on the territory of the country. And the whole farce consists in the fact that in Syria there is a lot of crimes committed by Russians and Americans, but there are many fools who ignore these facts and welcomes us missile attack, forgetting about the presence of U.S. forces on Syrian territory and on full coordination with Russia in Syrian airspace.

The United States really want to stop the crimes of Russia, Iran and Shiite militias, perpetrated against the Syrian people, to create a safe airspace for civilians. But this is also about the return of an even greater crime, as if trump gave the perpetrators a “license to kill” with the use of all weapons other than chemical.

At the time, the Obama administration said that they will fight with Assad and accept all the geographic and demographic changes that will occur in Syria, after Russia, Iran and the militias will end up to commit their crimes.


Thus, these crimes will continue until then, until the formation of the cards, which will I believe will put an end to the hostilities.