The global activities of ISIS

Globally, there has been an increase in terrorist activity of ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). In the attack on may 27 in Egypt, killing 30 of the Copts, may 31, the Kabul — more than 80 people, 2 June in Mosul and the capital of the Philippines Manila — 120 and 36 citizens, respectively. In London two months have been three similar attack ISIS, killing dozens of people.

In the middle East ISIS uses bombs of the vehicle, while in Europe finds sufficient use of cars without explosives. The method of execution of the terrorist attack in Manila is the same as was attacked at a nightclub in Istanbul. Therefore, ISIS knows which country, whom she will take on the sight and will deter. ISIS, which in Afghanistan call “the West” to leave the country, in Iraq and Syria is working to ensure that again the “West” has failed and is stuck in a quagmire. On the other hand, while in countries such as Turkey or the Philippines, ISIS commits acts of terrorism that should intimidate the visitors from the “West” and have a negative impact on tourism in the UK, she takes aim directly natives of the “West”.

Every terrorist attack is in the nature of response to operations carried out against ISIS, from the category of: “If you destroy us, then we will kill you”.


© AP Photo, Mstyslav ChernovБронетранспортер ISIL militants

However, there are meanings that go beyond the relationship of “attack — counterattack”.

The spread of pus

Undoubtedly, the direct fight with ISIS, Russia and the United States. Although on the battlefield to face local forces, tactical operations, for example, with where and what group to push, where to deliver the goods, are under the supervision and control of these two States.

As becomes clear in Iraq and Syria ISIS have left greater scope for action. And the question about what the order will be created after organization, which has not yet managed to corner, is completely neutralized, is still not solved. Here ISIS and takes this uncertainty and, diverting the attention of the world from the plane of the Syria — Iraq occupies new regions of the world.

On the other hand, every attack has at the time when the political authorities of the country in which it is performed, needs to determine its position. While the attack in Egypt aims to check the position of al-Sisi against Christians, the attack in the Philippines in a similar way pushing the country towards a rapprochement with Western countries. A terrorist attack in the UK reinforces the position of the conservatives, that is the current government in the upcoming election.

The spread of fighting

We can talk about three situations which indicate the attacks of ISIS. One of them is the following: if Iraq or Syria ISIS would not be the space for existence, this can be done in Afghanistan or other places where there is a power vacuum. Secondly, it is a warning: if ISIS are not given the Iraq — Syria, it may spread out around the world.

Finally, the third situation is a gradual increase in the number of players, which invites ISIS to fight with them. Judging by the fact that most terrorist attacks happen in the UK, LIH may spur the creation of a new coalition headed by the country and join this coalition of many countries affected by ISIS, from Egypt to the Philippines. Since the current coalition cannot disarm ISIS but NATO is satisfied with the supervision and the permanent invention of the promises, then all the more common may be the need to develop a new strategy.

Based on the fact that all these events are pushing a “Western” country, but other countries — to cooperate more closely with the West, we can assume that one of the meanings of the terrorist attacks of ISIS at the same time focused on the shrinking of Russia’s actions. And because while in the strategy of the fight against ISIS, there is no effective reconstruction, unfortunately, it can be expected that the attacks will continue.