As Britain became the main opponent of Russia in the West

“Stay in touch, but be careful,” warned Theresa may, the Republicans about Putin in his speech earlier this year. Since then, Donald trump was the occasion to remember her advice. His flirtation with Russian President cost him the national security adviser Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn) and damaged the situation on the home front. Caused last week’s strike on Syria was justified including a desire to move away from Putin, the chief patron of Bashar al-Assad. “He [trump] is not one of those who can be intimidated,” boasted the President’s son Eric (Eric). “I can tell you that it is sturdy, and will not allow themselves to be pushed around”.

However, though the United States and carried out this attack, that the United Kingdom has led the struggle for the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions. Initially refusing to support the plan of Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson), directed against military officials of Russia, last night the Prime Minister said about the possibility “to convince Russia that an Alliance with Assad is no longer in its strategic interests.” This statement followed a twenty-minute phone conversation between may and the tramp, was markedly different from what made the White House, not mentioned Russia. Although the United States supported the plan of Johnson, as far as trump is willing to exacerbate the gap with Putin, remains in question.

The foreign Ministers, meeting at the G7 summit in the Italian town of Grosseto, rejected made by Britain and the United States offer — Germany, France and Italy demanded to conduct a preliminary investigation carried out last week’s chemical attack. Not the first time the UK has been at the forefront of the confrontation with Putin, prompting Jeremy Corbin (Jeremy Corbyn) to blame Johnson’s “cold war mentality”.

Since Mei became Prime Minister, British policy in some areas tightened. Last fall, Britain is placed in Estonia, 800 soldiers and long-range missiles to deter Russian revanchism. In unusually sharp terms may condemned the “heinous crimes” of Russia in Aleppo and urged the West to “maintain pressure” on Putin.


The government also turned their efforts on goal apart from the Kremlin. The Ministry of the interior adopted an amendment to the bill of criminal Finance, which allows the British authorities to confiscate property belonging to those convicted of a violation of human rights of Russians. CEO of a hedge Fund William Browder (Bill Brauder), welcome to the “open arms”, which in London take “criminal money”, commented on the new British position: “the government’s Approach Theresa may has definitely changed — it has become tougher than David Cameron”. Unlike its predecessor, may have removed support Putin oligarchs from participating in events to raise funds for the Conservative party and advised members of Parliament not to participate in meetings with Russian deputies, stating the risk to the safety of the country.

In this period of Russian adventurism Britain is emerging as the most persistent opponent of Putin. At the end of last year, it seemed that Britain will be isolated — trump flirted with the Kremlin, and he is friendly towards Russia Francois Fillon (François Fillon) threatened to win in the French elections. However, it’s a tougher U.S. position and political problems Fillon reduced the risk that the West will be sorely divided. Although a heavy task, which is Brakit, and limit the influence of the UK, now Putin knows that he can count on the acquiescence may.