What motivates the rich and famous: TOP 10 most popular hobby

Rich and famous people love to spend their time usefully. To do this, they have a hobby that helps to relax, to distract from problems in business and just enjoy life.

International consulting company Wealth-X has named the most popular hobby among the wealthy, reports “New time”.

According to the study, most wealthy people give to charities – of 36.3%. Among famous philanthropists, bill and Melinda gates, who founded the largest charitable Foundation. Its main purpose is to improve health systems and fight hunger.

In second place is sport. Around 34.5% of the rich are engaged in a sport or support the team. On the third place in popularity is education. About 19.8% of wealthy people are constantly learning.

Wealth-X is an American consulting company, which is engaged in research of individuals with very large States – over 30 million dollars.

Top 10 Hobbies of the rich

1. Charity – 36,3%

2. Sport – 34.3% of

3. Education – 19.8% of

4. Travel – 17,6%

5. Aviation – 15,7%

6. Art – 15,4%

7. Public speaking – 15,1%

8. Policy – 14.9%

9. Music at 10.4%

10. Health – 10,1%

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