Parliament failed to amend the “law Savchenko”

The Verkhovna Rada rejected a draft law to amend the procedure for enrollment of pre-trial detention in the term of imprisonment.

For the corresponding bill (No. 5259) on the amendments to article 72 of the Criminal code of Ukraine concerning improvement of the procedure for admission of pre-trial detention period voted by 209 MPs (with the required minimum of 226 votes) at the meeting on Thursday.

People’s deputies also supported the proposal of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy to return to vote for the initiative and refused to send it to second reading in the relevant Committee.

This bill provided that detention on remand shall be counted by the court in the term of punishment at the rate of one day of preliminary detention for one day of imprisonment.

After the expiry of 12 months pre-trial detention, if the person condemned to punishment serving in imprisonment, the court shall deduct the punishment: one day pre-trial detention 2 days of detention.

If the convict has committed the offence again, the court counts one day of preliminary detention for one day of imprisonment regardless of the duration of pretrial detention.

In addition, the bill stipulates the mechanism of transfer of provisional detention if a person is sentenced to punishment not connected with deprivation of liberty.