Scientists have called the best exercise for weight loss

For many years there is ongoing debate about which is more effective for weight loss cardio or strength training. This question divided opinion even the most experienced fitness trainers.

According to the study Duke University – the largest of its kind – the best exercise for weight loss is aerobic. As well as cardio, this kind of activity requires the acceleration of heart rate and breathing rate.


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The researchers tested 119 volunteers with excess weight. They were divided into three groups: the first performed strength exercises, the second is cardio, and the third combined both types of loads. As a result, the group performing aerobic exercise, has emerged as the clear leader in the amount of weight loss.

Study co-author Chris Slentz, associate Professor of medicine at Duke University, said in an interview “Cardio reduces body fat, and strength training make the body strong. But aerobic (combined) workouts allow you to burn fat and build muscle most effectively”.

Fitness expert Laura Williams added: “Aerobic exercise uses all major muscle groups. She makes strengthens bones, increases endurance and helps maintain efficient metabolism.”


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