Elections in France: the latest survey from others in the victory Macron

As seen in France on Thursday the results of its latest pre-election poll 10 days before the first round of presidential elections Emmanuel macron remains the leader of the race with a slight advantage to marine Le Pen.

In this case, as follows from the results of a study of the analytical center Elabe, commissioned by the newspaper Les Echos and Radio classique, both comes on the heels of françois Fillon. They are also keen to catch up with Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “Only 10 days before the first round of presidential election uncertainty has never been so great,” writes Les Echos.

Macron goes ahead with 23.5% declaring their intention to vote for him, then Le Pen with 22,5%. Fillon scored in the last poll 20%, and Mélenchon is 18.5%.

The publication said that given the tolerance for error, gaps are not that large and close to the first round of the 23rd of April can still be a new indicators.

The potential of voter participation in the vote about close for the presidential elections in 2007 and 2012, 63% of respondents said 10 days before the first round of voting that they are “absolutely confident” in its intention to participate in elections, and another 14% believe that “almost sure”. This means that turnout could be around 80%.

For today it is already clear: the winner will be determined only in the second round, and the main role will belong to those voters who have not yet decided on their choice. Their votes will be decisive.

According to the sociologists Elabe, the leading Duo of the macron, Le Pen is likely to come to the elections ahead of the competitors, but the fight of the first round can interfere Fillon. If Le Pen goes to the second round either with a Macron or Fillon it is, in any case, according to the findings of the study, loses one of them.

In this case, the Makron, according to the same study, in the case of exit in the second round, and wins at Le Pen, and Fillon.