The most common mistakes when losing weight: TOP 8 tips fitness trainer

To look good, people EN masse to sit on different diets, but often do not get the desired result.

A nutritionist, psychologist and fitness coach Tatiana Godard called the most common mistakes when losing weight and advice on how to speed up the process, reports the New time.

Mistake # 1. You have not solved the psychological problem

In most cases the main cause of weight gain are psychological and emotional problems with more or less deep roots. They may be associated with childhood trauma, personal relations, lack of implementation and the way; to be conscious or hidden. Until you dig the root of the problem will be to lose weight, then overeat. And this process will become endless. This is how to wipe the water without closing the tap.

What to do? To understand, finally, why do you actually overeat. Either talk with them openly, or you can contact the analyst to this problem was found and helped her to work out.

Mistake # 2. Do not pay attention to health

Seriously inhibit the weight can and various diseases. The most common physiological causes of fullness – different types of hormonal disruptions and a number of diseases. In particular, to weight gain leads and hypothyroidism other disorders of thyroid function, renal failure, diabetes mellitus, dysfunction of the hypothalamus, metabolic syndrome, dysfunction of the pancreas and digestive system, etc. If you do not overeat, and the weight grows, it can also be related to congestive heart failure or nephrotic syndrome (due to swelling).

What to do? Need to pass a full medical examination. Minimum program: an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist and a cardiologist. I’m sure the food helps to treat any disease, but perfect when in the preparation of food plan we are working “precisely”, solving not only an aesthetic problem but a health problem. In serious cases, the necessary medical support.

Mistake # 3. Restriction diet

To get rid of excess weight, most of the “sit” on some newfangled diet or the old, proven feed system, sharply limiting the intake of fats or carbohydrates. Often this works, and you will lose weight, but this approach does not solve the problem: as soon as we return to the usual food (usually unbeknownst to themselves), and returns the old weight, and quite quickly, and 5-6 new.

What to do? Be, either alone or with the help of a nutritionist, balanced diet, where you live life (changing depending on mood and season details, but maintaining the database). The products should be unambiguously pleasant (not that long you do not pull), as well as beneficial to your health and figure.

The menu is based on herbs, fiber, raw fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils, seafood and fish, little nuts, whole grains.

Mistake # 4. Counting calories

World nutritionists have long abandoned counting calories and only we have this tradition is still alive. And the advice to count calories give people who call themselves “professionals”. What you can eat, for example, 1400 Calories recommended for weight loss women? Option number one or two chocolates. Option two -full Breakfast, lunch and dinner, consisting of foods rich in vitamins and minerals. In the first case, you dramatically increase the level of sugar, which will trigger a ravenous appetite, and in the end you will eat a mountain of bread. In the second you will be well fed, happy and the weight will continue comfortable and smoothly to leave.

In most cases the main cause of weight gain are psychological and emotional problems

What to do? To eat mindfully, choosing rich in vitamins and minerals food that is in small portions is able to ensure maximum saturation.

Mistake # 5. Little water

Water is essential for our body to normalize metabolic processes, of active circulation, harmonious work of all organs and systems of elimination from the body of excess fluid, toxins and decay products. Many people drink little, because you don’t feel thirsty. In fact, we feel thirsty when dehydrated and screaming for help.

What to do? Drink at least 2.5 liters of pure water per day. Tea, juices are not included here.

Mistake # 6. The lack of movement

Many hope to lose weight without sport. It is possible, but difficult: the weight will go slowly, and one day will stop, and you’re not moving. The difference between consumed and expended calories will have to increase by limiting the menu, and it is wrong. The body quickly will turn on the economy mode, and all the work goes down the drain, not to mention the psychological discomfort.

In addition, without training, skin will SAG, and the muscles lose their shape. Eventually, the body becomes flabby and unattractive. Do not forget also that during physical activity the body produces endorphins that promotes good mood and sense of satisfaction. A positive attitude in our business is a must!

What to do? Start to engage in the activity that you like. Walk more, buy a gym membership, pool, attend group classes in the fitness room, dance. Train yourself at least half an hour a day to train at home. You can download exercises and do them as soon as I have free time. In any case, do not force yourself. Gaining momentum gradually, otherwise you will very soon everything will grow cold, and get back “on track” will be difficult.

Mistake # 7. The military exercises

Fat is lighter than muscle, and when doing strength training muscle mass starts to grow (so maybe even weight gain) and fat still will not go away – it can burn just a cardio workout. However, many do not like them, believing that you can lose weight at the expense of power and strength. Actually, if a little mean, you actually visually weight, but body fat will remain, and will continue, to interfere with the work of the internal organs. And most external evenly distributed over the growing from strength exercises body. As soon as you stop to swing, the muscles will fall off and the view is not the best.

What to do? To exercise power it is necessary to add cardio. Running, Cycling, stationary bike, jumping rope, circular and interval training. Remember: as one power load, and a separate cardio defective. Losing weight without strength training you will acquire a beautiful relief.

Mistake # 8. The desire to get immediate result

One of the most common mistakes is unrealistic expectations. Many people want, regardless of the amount of excess weight to get rid of it for a couple of weeks. And if not, quickly lose their inspiration. Especially if you are hungry diet and a grueling workout has ceased to yield results (but such an outcome is unavoidable).

What to do? Stop panicking and analyze what you did wrong. If yourself difficult, ask for help to a nutritionist, and be patient: to lose in a month normally 4-5 kg, too large initial weight up to 7-8 kg. Sudden weight loss is stressful to the body. It’s hard to adjust to another type of work, so you will feel weakness, headaches, hormonal changes and other side effects.