Edward Snowden and his girlfriend Lindsay mills

Thirty years Edward Snowden a well known fact that is one of the most wanted employees of special services. A former employee of the National Security Agency (NSA) was accused by US government of treason because he disclosed secret data about the mass surveillance of citizens, which is the NSA. That’s what makes Snowden to live a very secluded life, almost not allowing myself to strangers.

And yet you know the name of his girlfriend, with whom he had a relationship lasting more than eight years. With her he experienced a series of difficult episodes. Her name is Lindsay mills (Lindsey Mills), she’s 31, by profession she is a ballerina. With it, a former NSA employee meets Christmas in his new life in Moscow.

About Lindsay little is known. Born in 1985 in Maryland (a year later, Snowden), does pole dancing, has a blog, which puts their reflections. Enjoys photography, as evidenced in her account in Instagram.

Speaking about her character, the closest to this couple people say that she is an eloquent testimony to the fact that opposites converge. Eslim Edward taciturn, reserved, reticent and shy, Lindsay the complete opposite: has a strong personality, eager to communicate, make friends with his friends and not lose him. In her account in Instagram you can see many photos depicting the daily life of a ballerina, often in their underwear or without it.

This difference in the characters only strengthens a couple, as can be seen in the documentary Citizenfour, in 2015, who received an Oscar for best documentary. Citizenfour, which pays tribute to Snowden and his actions.


.vacay. #selfpotrait with the end of summer drawing near. the sun setting minutes earlier each day. and cooler currents whipping in. a vacay was in order. successfully hijacked this guy (sorry twitterverse for causing such a scare;) grabbed essential holiday tools: bundles of yarn, bikini, an adventurous attitude. and relaxed for the last days of the season before the real world takes over.

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Now young people together and live a happy life in a Moscow apartment, while in 2013 they had the disorder long year. The cause of the temporary severance of relations was the prosecution of Snowden — who was working at the NSA – that, speaking about mass surveillance, which led the NSA, he thereby betrayed the interests of the United States.

A decision about the breach took Snowden. At that time they Lindsay lived in Hawaii. Snowden said Lindsay, goes on a business trip, although after a few hours of media a ballerina learned about the act of his beloved and his remarks, in which he stated that he went to a country where respect for freedom of speech.

Being in a state of confusion and despair, Lindsay had to do the impossible, not to become a victim of international media because of its proximity to Snowden, whom he abandoned, and, in addition, posted on social networks a photo of her in lingerie. The ballerina was forced to close his blog and accounts in all social networks, explaining that it is “temporarily unavailable”.

“When I am writing this on the keyboard, drop the tears, when I remember all the faces that have graced my path. All those who laughed. And those I kept. Someone loved. And those to whom I never said goodbye. Because sometimes life doesn’t give guarantees that will be able to say goodbye properly. My world has opened and closed at the same time,” wrote Lindsay upset after the flight who almost became her husband. Then he will say that temporarily left her to protect her from harassment by the state courts.


.hallo. #selfportrait the time of year when one gets to try on different faces. princess, ghoul, super hero. imagination is the only limiter. a day when it is acceptable to reinvent. to bring out an alter ego. to safely display creativity. or simply indulge in copious amounts of sugar. whimsy reigns. adrenaline spiked with treats. judgement is tossed to the wind. and my nomadic soul is channeling carmen sandiego. #happyhalloween world hide and seek champions 2013 ?

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But all went well. In July 2014, a year after fleeing Snowden, Lindsay came to Moscow, where he lives with Snowden, who received a residence permit in Russia for three years. They took off together cooking in the kitchen, and this is a sure sign of reconciliation. They are very happy in Russia, than Lindsay at the first opportunity reports in your account in Instagram. That’s exactly what she did and now photographed, as they are with Snowden eating fried chicken.