In Russia have found a cheap way to get gold

Scientists of the National research technological University “MISIS” has developed a method of extracting gold, which saves 40% of the cost of this process. In addition, the new method speeds up the process of extracting gold from ores in four to eight times. About it reports a press-service of the nust “MISIS”, – reports TASS.

“The cost of one ounce of gold, obtained by using direct cyanide leaching of the same ore, could reach $800, which is economically unprofitable, provided that on the exchange an ounce of gold is worth $1200. In the application of technology developed by scientists at nust “MISIS”, the cost of production is reduced by 30-40%. New process of gold extraction based on the use of ammonia-cyanide leaching. So gold is extracted at four to eight times faster,” — said in the message.

Developed by scientists from the University together with the Chinese colleagues the process of extracting gold from oxidized copper ores reduces the negative impact of copper on the degree of extraction of the target component, thereby reducing the consumption of chemicals in technological operation for the separation of metal compounds compared to the traditional technology of extraction of gold, as a direct cyanidation.

Pilot testing of new technologies, scientists have spent on a gold field “Taror” in Tajikistan. The upper horizons contain a lot of copper, which could not get rid of, using many methods. However, this problem was able to solve the technology on the basis of ammonium cyanide. In addition, the researchers were able to reduce the number of hours required to extract gold at Transcom and Bereznyakovskiy (Chelyabinsk oblast) gold deposits, with up to 100-120 14-18.

Scientists estimate MISIS, they have developed method can be applied to all ore deposits of Russia. And with the help of technology based on the process of ammonium cyanide, it is possible to obtain gold from electronic scrap and computer equipment.