Do not confuse Syria with the Iraqi occupation

America in 2003 occupied Iraq. The reason was the assumption that Saddam Hussein produces nuclear weapons. Years later it turned out that it was a lie of the CIA. But on this basis went into Iraq and never came back out. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed. Since the occupation it has been 14 years. Although Iraq has a Central government, the occupation still continues.

After the United States took in the sight of the Damascus regime following the mass murder committed by Assad using chemical weapons, Assad’s defenders have often draw an analogy with the Iraqi occupation.

What is common?

The occupation of Iraq by America was in 2003. Soon after the beginning of hostilities, taken March 19, Baghdad fell. 14 December has been detained Saddam.

The process of the civil war in Syria started in March. On March 18, regime forces perpetrated a massacre of demonstrators in Deraa. In the future, as mass killings continued, the people were armed and were given the answer.

The Iraqi occupation has contributed to the growth of the international terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). She was born during the occupation of Afghanistan by America, but grew — during the Iraqi occupation.

With the civil war in Syria gave the world a worse terrorist organization called ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.).

Now let’s leave aside these similarities and note differences.

America went into Iraq for no reason and brought the country into chaos, which was one mode or the other. The Iraqis valued by Saddam. In Syria, for six years, was not American intervention is akin to what took place in Iraq. Although Assad deserves it more than Saddam. In Iraq, innocent people killed by the Americans. Saddam Hussein during the occupation have not fired a single bullet for his people. Meanwhile, in Syria Bashar al-Assad himself killed his own people.

To the chain of murders of innocent people initiated by Assad, joined the Russians, the Iranians and the terrorist organization. Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. The United States went into Iraq with the idea that “Saddam killed his people with weapons of mass destruction”, and on the grounds that the “weapons of mass destruction, Saddam will hurt other countries.”

In Syria, the Assad regime sprayed the whole chemical gas that he had, on his own people.

It does not need to know in order to rehabilitate Saddam and to see the difference between Saddam and Assad. While the United States intervened in Iraq in a vacuum, Assad has earned such military intervention a hundred times more than Saddam. Through the intervention of the USA, through NATO or through the conviction of Russia — obviously, from the Syrian people just need to take trouble in the face of Assad.