NBU explained how to pay cash under the new rules

The individual has the right to make payments in cash with the enterprise or entrepreneur within 50 thousand UAH for one day on one or more payment documents, according to the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) in “Current issues and answers to reduce the maximum amount of cash settlements with participation of physical persons” on its web site.

According to the report, the number of enterprises (entrepreneurs) and natural persons, with whom the settlements during the day is not limited.

As stressed by the regulator, the clearing settlement is possible without any restrictions and banks are obliged to provide Bank transfer under the requirement of the customers in full.

“It should be noted that the implementation of cashless payments for goods/services, the cost of which exceeds 50 thousand UAH, is comfortable, safe and simple”, – stated in the message.

As explained by the regulator, the calculation between the individual and the enterprise (entrepreneur) for goods (work, service), the cost of which exceeds UAH 50 thousand, should be carried out in cashless form, including by transferring funds from current account to current account. In this case the transfer can be initiated by, for example, payment card. This calculation can be done by cash Deposit, for the subsequent transfer of funds to the current account of a legal entity, physical person – entrepreneur – recipient of funds.

The payments between individuals under contracts of sale, subject to notarization, in the amount exceeding UAH 50 thousand, can be implemented in particular by: transfer of funds from the current account of the individual buyer to the current account of a physical person – the seller, the Deposit and/or transfer funds to a separate current account of the notary, opening a natural person a Deposit account in favor of a third party, letters of credit (covered by irrevocable letter of credit), cash Deposit on current account of the seller.

As reported, the NBU has lowered the maximum amount of cash settlements with participation of physical persons of 4 January 2017 tripled – from UAH 150 thousand to UAH 50 thousand.