Borovoy explained why Russia had vetoed a UN security Council resolution on Syria

Russia is beneficial to the military conflict in Syria continued, solving with its using of personal questions. This opinion was expressed in comments to the edition “GORDON” Russian opposition leader and political analyst Konstantin Borovoy.

According to him, Russia uses Syria to influence the rest of the world during the negotiations.

“Veto Russia’s resolution on Syria is a rather technological solution. The worse – the better. Technology of the Russian authorities, provides for the establishment of provocations and points of instability wherever possible. And, thanks to such points of conflict, the Russian Federation solve their personal problems. Using Syria, it is very convenient to affect the rest of the world to exert pressure during negotiations,” – said Borovoy.

He also added that the bandits who seized power in Russia, happy that the civilized countries are still talking and even lead some of the negotiations with Russia.

As reported, Russia has blocked the adoption of a resolutioncondemning the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Khan shaykhun on April 4 and requiring Damascus to provide information about all air operations in the day of the incident.