The Polish government hopes for a visit by trump in July – Reuters

The Polish government hopes that the visit of the American President Donald trump in July of this year. Next week the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland will visit the United States to arrange a short visit trump in soy country, reports Reuters, citing sources in the Polish government, reports

The government of Poland, which formed the right of the Polish party “law and justice”, supports the American President more than the leadership of other countries of the European Union. The party officials hope that the visit trump can become important in shaping a positive image of the country in the world.

Earlier it was reported that the party “law and justice”, which is now in power in Poland, worsens their results in public opinion polls. Now the party is backed by 29% of the population, which is 6% less than the party went on for a long time. Earlier it was reported that the Polish foreign Ministry demands to recognize as invalid the re-election of the Tusk.

The Minister of foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski said Poland sees in this incident an example that the EU needs to be reformed. The Minister said about the inadmissibility of the methods, when there is “arm-twisting, pressure and blackmail other countries.”