Why Russia didn’t stop US missiles

After a controversial and dubious assumption that Assad used chemical weapons, the US attack on Syria, 59 Tomahawk missiles, of which only 23 have reached the goal. It is raised on the agenda an important question: why Russia and Syria have not repelled the attack USA with missile systems s-300, s-400 and Buk-M2, which are on duty in ATS?

In the analysis of cause and effect we come to the conclusion that the attack on the airfield shirt was deliberately designed not to cause much harm, and was a flashy attack which has given rise to disputes about it.

Missile systems s-300, produced by Russian company “Almaz-Antey”, and s-400 called the SA-21 by NATO, is equipped with advanced technology and is able to reflect the air strikes carried out by military aircraft and cruise missiles. In addition, it is a strong air defense system of distant radius of action preferred by Syria since 1991.

At the same time, it is known that the s-400 system and “Shell” are Russian facilities located near the airport of al-Assad, as well as at the Russian base in Tartus.

Why not worked

When the minds have mastered the question of why the missile system that was capable of destroying missiles “Tomahawk” fired from American destroyers under the name Ross and Porter, until they hit the target, did not work, in this respect there was an interesting speculation.

It is noted that the control of these air defense systems in Syria received from Russia, is in the hands of the Syrian army, but it is not reflected shock, which I knew in advance of Russia. Moreover, Russia, which had previously been notified about the attack, if I wanted to, could stop the missiles “Tomahawk” until they hit the target, using the system Shell.

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of military Sciences Sergey Sudakov, who answered questions addressed to him on this subject, gave a polemical comment: “If Syria used Russian air defense system in response to a rocket attack USA, it would initiate a nuclear conflict. But the Russian leadership prevented the emergence of a possible nuclear conflict.”

Further Sudakov continued: “the Most important question, which today sets all, — why Russia has not used its air defense systems in Syria to shoot down US missiles. The majority believes that Russia should have given this answer to reflect the US aggression in Syria. But if we fired missiles, could not Wake up this morning. If Russia said the U.S., the region would have lit the fuse of a nuclear conflict”.

Reasonable steps

While the U.S. notified Russia in advance about the attack, given the opportunity to evacuate the military from the area, the possible death of Russian troops was averted. The fact that Russia has not responded to this attack is considered by military experts as a very reasonable action.

However, you cannot say that these answers suit everyone. There are those who are looking for other reasons, the underlying fact that Russia has not reflected the shock that she knew in advance. And the main cause of the suspicion is that the US abstained from inflicting any significant damage to the airfield, which they were aiming.

As another reinforcing doubts about the assumptions voiced the view that Putin is a different geopolitical game and deliberately not responded to this attack. Proponents of this perspective do not believe that in the activation of defense systems, there would be “a nuclear world war”, and believe that America deliberately allowed to strike at an empty airfield.

The number of those who believed that this attack was only ostentatious muscle-flexing, is sufficiently large, because although the missiles “Tomahawk” is an effective weapons, their destructive power is not as high as have dropped from aircraft bombs and missiles. In a word, attacked the airfield soon could be again brought into operation, and, as reported today in Odatv.com a day after the attack, Syria was again using the airfield shirt, and even was seen as out planes taking off.

In this case, can we say that there is only one possibility? Putin will not let this attack to help his sidekick, Trump to apply a desired impact and by the show of force in the region to curb some of the criticism held against him?