Kim Jong-UN gone again, the media found out where he’s hiding

The North Korean leader been two weeks have not seen live

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN has again disappeared – he had not attended a public event since may 1, when he came to the opening ceremony of Sunzhenskogo of a fertilizer plant. It was his first exit “the people” for 20 days.

The New York Post claims that he is at his Villa, which is located on the banks of the East Korean Bay, the sea of Japan near the North Korean resort of Wonsan Calma.

The disappearance of Kim Jong-UN: who will replace the leader of North Korea, if the leader will not return

It is noted that the satellite images visible to the yacht, which in recent weeks stands near the Villa of Kim Jong-UN, from what we can assume he either is already in residence, or soon will arrive.

In March this ship was upgraded in the repair dock.

While journalists bring the messages from social networks and the media that the opening of a plant for the production of fertilizers present a double policy, and the Kim Jong-UN do not leave your shelter in Wonsan.

In turn, the President of the United States Donald trump expressed satisfaction with the emergence of reports that DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN is alive and well.