Specialist: what skills will help you to stay in demand in the future

Technology is developing every day faster, and with them progress and all the related aspects. To be in the subject and remain an expert in your business, you need to keep up your skills and acquire new ones.

Natalia Volkova, trend analyst at Trendwatching Ukraine, spoke about what trends are characteristic for modern Ukraine, which is waiting on the market professions in the near future, and how to prepare for future changes, transfers WoMo.com.ua.

Trend 1. Personal development

Today, learning does not end with obtaining a diploma, and moreover, it does not guarantee getting a good job. Learning becomes our way of life. As a consequence, there are elements of gamification — we learn playing, and learning becomes personalized, the person can choose the time of learning, how deeply he wants to study this or that information. But the most valuable today is the experience — people want to experience the errors, and correct effective action.

Trend 2. Change traditional norms and mores

Notions about native women’s or men’s occupations, women’s and men’s outward appearance or behavior is eroded. And this is a very good time to choose what you like and not get a conviction because nobody knows how. In this context, on the first plan now goes female management due to the fact that in our turbulent world where everything is rapidly changing, that women’s management with the flexibility, desire for cooperation and understanding helps to achieve success.

Changes related to age: today, old age is not perceived as a point, today, old age is a condition when a person ceases to learn, to try new things and experiment.

Trend 3. A healthy lifestyle

Health is now seen as an investment in their future, because if you lose health, you have no energy for self-realization. There should be a balance and see when there is a phase of burnout, so give yourself the opportunity to relax. Early humans experimented for months with diets different types of workouts today, they attend lectures, workshops, but most importantly listen to yourself and choose your.

Trend 4. Proud of you — Ukrainian

The Ukrainian way of life for modern people is to feel that you’re a master in his own country, when all the issues that are happening in your state, you relate. Ukrainians are proud of other Ukrainians, who consciously, professionally and efficiently do their job. Today is actively developing a social enterprise, when you don’t have to choose between earning money and meanwhile to help the society.

Trend 5. Career ceases to be linear

Unlike our grandparents, who usually worked all his life on one specialty, we can work in one area, then move to another, can change profession several times in their lives. Also thanks to technology becomes obsolete professions. According to the Atlas of new professions among the intellectual professions that will disappear or transformirovalsya the following:


All in all, 2030 will disappear 57 professions and there will be 186 new. And only depends on you whether you are ready for this change or simply surrender to the flow and will sail in the direction where they will have to bear. In order to be confident in the future, we need to develop the skills that will allow you to be constantly on the wave:

1. The ability to learn

Training lasts for the whole life, every day there is a huge amount of new informations, and need to upgrade their knowledge to be able to keep up with the times and move on.

2. To be able to adapt to the situation that has arisen

Nobody likes change, the moment of transformation is always uncomfortable, because you need to go beyond and to change their habits. But if you will be able to develop the ability to adapt, you will be much easier to adapt to the changes.

3. Collaboration

Today do not be afraid to unite and to allow others to affect your projects, because of the synergy you can achieve better results.

4. Critical thinking

You can’t trust what you say, whoever it was expert, professional, experienced person with 20 years of experience, because what was true 20 years ago, today, every moment becomes obsolete.

5. Working with data

In medicine already is becoming a popular profession IT-the doctor — the physician who most of their time spends on the computer, reading a huge amount of data and make appropriate predictions. But to be able to work with data, do qualitative analysis and forecasts — actual skill not only for medicine.

6. Problem solving

Desire to solve complex problems. Think about whether your action is to prescribe how a particular algorithm and set his car? If not, then your profession will have a future.

7. Prototyping

Today no business can afford to launch a product or project during the year. Such a period — a luxury for anyone. If you have some idea now to start it and then go on to listen to feedback and Refine, and then you this product will change in accordance with emerging conditions.

8. Fundraising

Even if you are employed, the ability to find funding for their ideas and projects will be useful too, because now there are many new methods of finding financing through presentations, contests of ideas and start-UPS, etc.

And having all this knowledge, you can be the best specialist in the profession in which you work. You can change your profession to develop themselves and to adapt to changing conditions.

Meanwhile, the experts conducted a study, how long will the Ukrainians are looking for a new job.