PACE called the difference between the war in the Donbass and other conflicts

The Rapporteur of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Egidijus Vareikis believes that war is political, which Russia started. He told this in an interview with DW.

According to him, the difference with other European conflicts that in Ukraine, it is absolutely a political component.

“I’ve been tracking a lot of military conflicts: Cyprus, Nagorno Karabakh, former Yugoslavia. They are all somewhat similar, but the conflict in the Donbas has one feature. It was not founded on historical, not on religious grounds, it is not ethnic, because it is not about the conflict between Ukrainians and Russians who live in Ukraine. He was politically organized, it is a conflict created through administrative and political means. This is a political war launched by Russia, which is trying to weaken Ukraine, turning it into a fragmented, weak country-vassal,” said marakis.

He also noted that the so-called “DNR” and “LNR” to Russia are just a tool to achieve the goals.

“Nobody believes in long-term existence of the “LNR-DNR”, they’re a temporary phenomenon,” – said the PACE Rapporteur.

Earlier, expert mediation in settling conflicts, one of the founders and CEO of mediatEUr, the mediator in conflict resolution with 20 years of experience in Europe, Asia and Africa Antje, Herberg likened the war in the Donbass with other military conflicts.