In the U.S. the shooting occurred at the school.

In elementary school, in the County of San Bernardino southern California today, April 10, the shooting occurred, there are victims. About it reports NBC News.

“A spokeswoman for the unified school district of San Bernardino Monica Garcia told that what happened previously was connected with a dispute about domestic violence that occurred between students and teachers informed. Participation in it took the injured teacher”, – stated in the message.

According to the chief of police of San Bernardino of Jarrod Bourgoin, after the incident, killed 2 adults. According to him, the gunman committed suicide.

The shooting occurred in one of the classes. Rescuers reported at least 4 injured, including two schoolchildren. At the moment all the students of the school where the incident occurred, because of security reasons was transferred to the high school building.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Florida, in the fitness club shooting occurred. The incident happened in the result of a dispute between a former employee and Manager of the fitness club.