Groisman calculated how much money you need to boost pensions

To increase pensions in Ukraine, which the government plans to implement in October, due to pension reform, you need tens of billions of hryvnia. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

“Tens of billions. These funds are or will be. They accumulate, and we will be able to make modernization of the pension system,” – said the Prime Minister.

In this case, Groisman noted that the pension reform and raising the minimum wage, which was implemented from the beginning of 2017, will not affect the macroeconomic indicators, but will provide a change in the quality of life of Ukrainians.

As reported, the government in the framework of pension reform plans from October 1, to hold the increase in pensions, which will affect, according to preliminary estimates, 5.6 million Ukrainians, and to abolish the taxation of working pensioners. The government version of the pension reform provides for raising the retirement age, and offers other tools to build a fair and balanced pension system.

According to the International monetary Fund (IMF) following the meeting of the Board of Directors on the Ukraine situation, Ukraine can not to defer the implementation of large-scale pension reform.