Syrian chemicals

A big euphoria about the fact that the Syrian conflict democratically minded people are fighting against the bloody dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad, has long subsided. At the time, the Royal house of Saud agreed to replace the recalcitrant President of Syria for another leader. As each authoritarian regime, there are secret and open enemies, the only question was on the financial and international support. In 2011, encouraged and financed by Saudi Arabia, Assad’s opponents have started a local “Arab spring”, which quietly developed into a bloody civil war.

By the middle of 2013 it became clear that hundreds of millions of the dynasty of Saud is too low. Opposition forces are too weak to alone defeat Assad’s forces. To overthrow the Assad regime was only possible with the help of foreign forces, preferably the armed forces of the United States. How to get the involvement of the US army in the Syrian civil war? Then-us President Barack Obama held a “red line”. USA militarily intervene in the Syrian conflict only if it is proved that the Assad regime uses chemical weapons against the civilian population.

At that time Syria was one of the few countries in the world that has not ratified the Convention banning chemical weapons. Armed with Syria was very significant stocks of hazardous chemicals, accumulated in the event of a potential conflict with Israel.

As soon as become aware of the conditions under which the U.S. army would invade Syria, chemical weapons, there was instantly applied. 21 Aug 2013 loaded with sarin, a chemical rocket was fired at the civilian quarter of the controlled opposition of the city of Ghouta, which killed dozens of innocent people.

Even then Neatkarīgā wrote that President Assad is in any case not needed is pointless from a military point of view, the use of chemical weapons. In turn, the leaders of the opposition immediately after the explosion chemical rockets urged the United States to start a war in Syria. The use of chemical weapons in Syria in 2013 proved, but the answer to the question of who released the poisonous gas on pointless from a military point of view, the goal is unknown.

The President of Syria, knowing the risks, agreed to ratify the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons and to destroy all chemical weapons. The destruction just before Assad’s chemical weapons was completed in August 2014. However, in the territories controlled by the armed opposition (including the occupied so-called “Islamic state” (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) the part of Syria), to monitor the destruction of chemical weapons was impossible.

In 2015 thanks to the military support of Russia’s strategic initiative on the side of the Syrian President, and to defeat the opposition’s no need for chemical weapons. Aleppo was occupied with conventional weapons.

A new twist in the Syrian conflict emerged on 30 March this year, when US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley said that the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is no longer a priority, States: “Our priority is no longer to focus on getting rid of Assad.”

Such a turn would mean the collapse of the Saudi Arabia in Syria and a disgrace to the Royal house of Saud. Spent billions. First of a prosperous country in ruins. Five million Syrians have become refugees, and the most influential in the world of the king’s house is powerless to relieve small Syrian upstart.

April 4 from strongly poisonous substances controlled by the rebels city of Khan shaykhun (province of Idlib) killed dozens of civilians, including children.

The opposition accused Assad’s chemical attack. The main evidence — the testimonies of local residents, who argued that in a time when flying over the city the bombers, it was obvious that they sprayed chemical gases.

I understand the need for all democratic forces of the world to support the interests of the Royal house of Saud in Syria. Such a tolerant and democratic regime that exists in Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to maintain all the resources of the US and the EU.

But I have not forgotten the basics of military training. Poisonous gases in the wind were sprayed during the First world war, and then only until mid-1917. Americans at war in Viet Nam sprayed with defoliants aircraft to be able to burn the jungle where the guerrillas were hiding. In our days filled with chemical weapons in artillery shells, missiles and bombs.

If, indeed, some force in Syria to use chemical weapons, then before you press charges, it would be wise to figure out where those villains who commit a crime against humanity. If it affects the interests of the Royal house of Saud, the perpetrators do not need to look?

Already on 5 April, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley changed her tone and said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a man without conscience. The US has threatened to act unilaterally — without a mandate from the UN security Council.

War remains war. There is a big difference between the atrocities committed by Assad’s forces and “democratically moderate opposition”. If Assad forces “blood” kill captured enemies, the forces of the moderate opposition prisoners are tortured and then massacred, by appealing to democratic values.

In the interest of humanity not to stand on one of the two conflicting parties. In the interest of humanity to ensure that crimes against humanity were punished not only those that followed orders, but those who gave them: the governments that started the conflict, funded it and supplied weapons. But, unfortunately, the world isn’t ready to punish the infamy of the main perpetrators of the leaders of the superpowers.