The icy wind between trump and Putin

Favorable reviews on the part of Vladimir Putin during the campaign and an innate desire for authoritarian leaders convinced Donald trump that he will succeed where he failed all his predecessors: in the formation of “mutually beneficial partnership with Russia,” particularly against the “Islamic state” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.) in Syria. Six months later he has to acknowledge the magnitude of his failure. He can’t force you to accept their point of view, the Congress and even his own party and forced to deal with one of the most serious periods of tension since the cold war.

In December last year, when Barack Obama took the decision on expulsion 35 suspected of espionage of the Russian diplomats and the arrest is stuffed with a means of tracking objects of Russia in Maryland and on long island, Putin has listened to the Council members who wanted to take his place in the White house team trump. He refrained from retaliatory measures, which were adopted after all the American intelligence community has accused the Kremlin of meddling in the presidential election on the side of the Republican candidate. Trump applauded him and called for an immediate change in the atmosphere of relations.

Three weeks after the meeting with his American counterpart at the summit of “twenty” in Hamburg the President of Russia has considered that already waited long enough. 755 and told American diplomats to pack their bags by September 1. We are talking about downsizing the U.S. offices to 455 people, that is, to the same level with the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States. The American Embassy in Moscow and Consulate in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok have a total of 1 200 employees, however, three quarters of them local residents who are engaged in logistics. Diplomats and representatives from 35 Federal agencies (including 26 agents of the military intelligence, 4 FBI and 6 employees of Management on struggle against drugs) accounts for less than 350 people. In any case, the news of the expulsion of diplomats at first glance, exceeds the scale of all similar actions during the cold war. A comparable situation is that when you close the American Embassy in the first months of the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. The reason for this was the adoption of new sanctions against Russia and the statement by Donald trump on the readiness to adopt them. In fact, he simply has no choice: this episode is in the same degree an expression of disapproval of trump, a warning to Moscow. Last Thursday, the Senate almost unanimously (98 votes to 2) passed a law about tightening and expanding sanctions against the Russian defense, banking, energy, mining and metal sectors. The first measures were introduced after the invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. In addition, the new sanctions are directed against the resources of the Kremlin in the field of cyber warfare and its support of the Syrian regime.

Anyway, this all is: a complex system of parliamentary approval does not give the President to weaken the measures without congressional approval. The white house all forces fought against these restrictions of the Executive power. Trump may impose its veto, but the Senate has already shown that he can easily find needed to overcome 60 votes. Until recently, sanctions were considered a tool that gives flexibility to the President, the chief Creator of foreign policy. Changes talking about the distrust of the representatives of the two parties to the Trump. Neither document had not yet received support from both political parties. “This White house has done more than anyone else to strengthen the separation of powers”, — said a member of the house of representatives from South Carolina mark Sanford (Mark Sanford).

Ideological differences

All this was not just a figment of the ideological divide between Pro-Russian tendencies of the President and is still prevalent in the Congress culture of the cold war. It is also the fact that seeking to preserve the “legitimacy” of his victory trump has repeatedly expressed concerns about Russian interference in the elections, thereby strengthening the tension in relations with the secret services. The lack of transparency about relations with Russia in his entourage during the campaign only reinforced the distrust. The investigation of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller (Robert Mueller) and the two commissions of the Congress is approaching to the President after the revelations about his son-in-law and head of the election headquarters participated in the June 2016 in a meeting with the “Russian emissaries”, who supposedly had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The first meeting trump and Putin was held in a warm atmosphere and resulted in agreement on “de-escalation” in Syria, (criticized) a promise to cooperate in the field of cybersecurity and approved the decision to stop aid to moderate Syrian rebels by the CIA. Whatever it was, demanding the return of Russian property remained unanswered. As Ambassador to Moscow Donald trump has appointed his political rival and former mayor of Utah Jon Huntsman (Jon Huntsman), who has headed the diplomatic mission in Singapore during the Bush administration and in China under Obama, not noted there extreme complaisance.