Bloody crime in Stockholm shocked Finland

The closer you come the attacks, the more important not to lose the head, the journalist writes Ilta-Sanomat Various Seppo (Seppo Varjus).

In the centre of Stockholm has been cold-blooded murder: the driver of a truck intentionally drove into a crowd of people. In fact, almost useless to argue, attack or not. Such actions do Islamic terrorists, and crazies who admire them. Sometimes the border between crazy and terrorists to very difficult.

Suicide alone, the main weapon which is a vehicle. It happened in nice, Berlin, a couple of weeks ago in London. Part of the attacks were definitely totally crazy.

From the point of view of result, not much difference. The result of one: fear and anger.

Many would like to see Sweden fail

The Swedish “house of the people” took a lot of people fleeing the violence in the middle East. The country is gaining popularity of the party “Sweden Democrats”, advocating against migrants, although the wave of terrorist attacks in the country was observed. Violence compared to those countries where indeed has slums, less. Although, of course, and a small number of incidents is the problem.

Opponents of migration — even on the other side of the Atlantic ocean and even occupying very high posts — would like to represent Sweden as an example of the failure of the multicultural experiment. Now the attack will add fuel to the fire, regardless of who is behind it.

A cool head is the best approach

Earlier in the week a suicide bomber has arranged explosion at the second neighbor of Finland, in the subway of St. Petersburg. But the Finns is not too scared, because Russia is a completely different world. But Sweden is the same as that of Finland.

In Finland, too, there are certainly forces that will try to use the tragedy in Sweden and the pain that is now experiencing the country. People with a cold mind trembles from such fanaticism. If visitors from other countries will be cooler and more negative than before, it will not reduce the likelihood of terrorist attacks in Finland.

On the other hand, the authorities quite reasonably may request extensions of its powers, to be able to prevent such attacks. This is also not necessary to treat hysterical.

Finland — like Sweden, the country that succeeds in spite of all her problems. Such countries do well with crisis situations.

In the early 2000s in Finland, there have been three cases of unexplained mass murder: the explosion in Myyrmanni, shooting in schools Jokela and Kauhajoki. Afraid that will start a real epidemic. But nothing has changed as Finnish society has remained calm. Ways were found of early recognition of possible terrorists. Now they can be used to detect the insane plans that are implemented under the banner of terrorism.

Finland can handle it. Cope and Sweden. The main idea of terrorism is to make people overwhelmed by fear and anger. Terrorism can be overcome only with a cool head.