Trump shot himself in the foot

Louder than the gaps “Tomahawk” on the Syrian air base Shirt on the morning of Friday April 7, two days earlier, in the wording “Printing” was the news of the replacement — or exile — Stephen’bannon of the national security Council of the United States.

Replacement’bannon was not a surprise. On the contrary, it is the next inevitable stage of the conflict between the American political establishment, the deep state, the neoliberals and the neoconservatives and President Donald trump. Surprised that the head from the shoulders of the Bannon “flew” so soon. It was also clear that the overthrow of Brannon will be followed by some dramatic event, but there was no suggestion that it will be a massive missile attack on Syria, which will put the world on the brink of armed conflict and the beginning of the era, which many call a new cold war.

In his own words, the decision to kick Donald trump took personally. As he himself said, his attitude towards Syria has changed dramatically over 48 hours. These 48 hours correspond with the expulsion of’bannon. Putting his signature to such decision, trump has crossed all fought for during his campaign and promised to change. Thus, the tramp, as he said the Russian geopolitician Alexander Dugin, betrayed the good old America that chose him, and capitulated to the Council on foreign relations, neoconservatives, the deep state…

The beauty of “Tomahawk”

How deeply the American swamp, which trump promised to drain, is best shown by the reaction of the American media to attack a sovereign state caused contrary to international law. The journalist of TV channel MSNBC Brian Williams literally fell into a trance, telling about the impact: “We see these wonderful night shots taken from the deck of two American warships in the Eastern Mediterranean sea. (…) This lovely footage of a short flight of weapons to the air force base”.

That is to say, the most poetic example, but the same excitement from a blow characteristic for all other mainstreaming media. In addition to former Secretary of state and rival trump in the race for the seat in the White house, which announced this kind of blow a few days before he was struck, the joy of the incident expressed and other enemies of the trump from the ranks of the Democrats, and from the ranks of the Republicans, or rather, neoliberals and neoconservatives.

The notorious Senator John McCain, who does not hide his friendship with the terrorists, visited Belgrade. During the joint with Aleksandar vučić press conference, McCain expressed his satisfaction with the impact and took a moment to once again accuse Russia of complicity in the alleged crime, which happened bombing and other “war crimes” in Syria. Praise for the trump sounded on all sides, and support from abroad, he expressed almost all American allies, including Turkey, which was not in the best relations with Washington and more inclined to cooperate with Russia, including in solving the Syrian problem.

The argument that trump went to the rockets to grow in the eyes of the public and the media, to attract political opponents and others seem to be groundless, since we are dealing with a textbook example of a Pyrrhic victory. Enemies from the ranks of neo-conservatives and neo-liberals will hate trump, while he is in the White house, and all their praise will evaporate in a week. However, in its decision trump has pushed away many of its most ardent supporters. Because from a military point of view, the blow had no effect (destroyed six aircraft and airbase almost immediately resumed work). The aim of the strike was undoubtedly marketing, but nothing came out. The fact that, despite all the claims that the chemical attack was conducted from that airbase, but there was no destroyed any object or container with toxic substance, the evidence is not in favor of advocates of this operation. Rather, it suggests that the chemical attack was a false pretext.

Flop was and the diplomatic attack on Russia that followed the strike, because the meeting of heads of diplomacy of the G7 there was no agreement to toughen, rather, the introduction of sanctions against Moscow over its support of Bashar al-Assad and the role that it plays in Syria. Yes, after the strike, Western media reported that he was sentenced only Russia and Iran, while China abstained.

Soon, however, Beijing has disappointed them and has demonstrated that modern China only adheres to the traditional values and rules of conduct. While XI Jinping was on American soil during his visit to the Trump, there was silence. But as soon as he left the United States, the state Agency “Xinhua” published a review in which the shock was sharply criticized, and the trump was mentioned as “a weak President who needs to show muscle”.

Moscow’s Reaction

That part of the world that despises us imperialism and tends to block, which is headed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, immediately wondered why Moscow did nothing to prevent stroke, why not use a powerful air defense systems existing in Syria. In addition to sharp statements about what such a blow must not be repeated, almost nothing else did. And many believe that Moscow has shown weakness. Washington vigorously goes in the selected direction, and Moscow simply does not know how to act.

Here, first of all it should be noted that so far between Russia and the United States were the agreement on non-interference in operations in Syria, and Moscow used to comply with the agreement. Now the operation of the Treaty in question.

The theory that Russia does not know what to do, contrary to all that we know about the previous actions of Putin and the “new Russia”.

A similar situation exists when Turkey shot down a Russian bomber on the border with Syria. Then the Russians responded thoughtfully and slowly. Time has shown that Turkey is broken and no hasty use of force, which is more typical for Euro-Atlantic entities.

The last few years Putin is in a situation when between him and his “Western partners” has developed the same attitude as that of Stalin and Hitler in the beginning of the Second world war — to direct the German invasion of the USSR. How, then, under Stalin, it was not about the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries — only about the Soviet Union, and today the focus of Putin aimed at protecting not Syria or North Korea, and Russia. Not surprisingly, commenting on the strike, Putin said, “All that we’ve seen” — referring not to the obvious, that is not preparation for the American invasion of Iraq. Putin looks deeper and draws a parallel with Hitler’s plan “Barbarossa”.

However, there are two significant differences between the situation in which when-that was Stalin, and one in which today is Putin. On the one hand, unlike Stalin, who was convinced that sooner or later Hitler will attack him, Putin still hopes that the case will not come to a direct clash with the United States. In addition, Putin takes much less time to prepare for the war than were Stalin, because the Russian army today is much stronger than in 1939, and since the US is much weaker and in civil, social, and militarily, than the Germans were back then.

However, it is useless to guess what could be next steps of Putin, because, as we have learned from his previous behavior, the Russian President is unpredictable. His actions in past crises, particularly in Ukraine, as well as his annexation of Crimea, the rejection of the gas pipeline “South stream”, the steps after the incident with the downed aircraft and so on, introduced into a stupor even the most powerful analysts of the intelligence services.

With certainty we can say that his next move will be well planned, unexpected and effective. Alternatively, the Russians, who now virtually control the Syrian sky, gives Damascus the same opportunities. Meanwhile, Russia will maintain its persistent competition only by system institutions in accordance with international law, primarily through the UN security Council, to insist on a fair investigation of the chemical attack, although Moscow knows what to impartiality in this matter so far.

As it is almost impossible to predict the future steps of Moscow, as it was not possible to foresee what will take America. If in the case of Russians it is difficult to assume because of their rationality and ingenuity, in the case of the USA it is possible to analyze only “rational factors”. And the US is no longer rational — at least since the advent of the Obama administration.

Given that this blow trump struck bonLSI strike on himself than on Syria, the impression that to him, as greatly to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it is impossible to apply the usual analytical methods, but rather to resort to psychiatric. After all, how else to evaluate the actions of a man who shoots himself? Clearly, as we have said, that those who still hated trump, will continue to do so. But now he will start to hate and many of those who still supported.

The Syrian triangle

An important question in connection with the American stroke relates to what happened to the missing 36 missiles. Although there is a possibility that more than half of the fired missiles “malfunctioned” yet it is implausible, if only the American military-industrial complex has not reached the bottom. Two other explanations seem more real. First, trump was not going to strike a serious blow against Syria, and this confirms the fact that the Russians were warned of the impending strike, so they had time to transmit information to Damascus. Part of the missiles could explode above the Mediterranean sea, and the blow was only a performance.

But it is more likely a secret involvement of Russia. Despite the fact that the Russians had no legal right to shoot down American missiles, they could do it with electronic warfare systems, primarily systems “Krasuha”, which has long been placed in Syria. The use of electronic weapons gives Russia the possibility, at least in public — to deny its own role, arguing the fact that 23 missiles still reached their goal, although if the Russians intervene, then, they say, did not reach a single one. Anyway, it is clear that 36 missiles could not disappear like in the Bermuda triangle.

What they say the most ardent supporters of the trump

A number of prominent supporters of Donald trump have publicly expressed their surprise and concerns with the decision to strike at Syria, which is completely contrary to the previous opinion of trump on the us-Syrian relations and interventionism.

Well-known columnist and the author of several books Ann Coulter who supported trump throughout the campaign and even published an e-book, “We believe trump”, sharply criticized his decision: “Those who wanted us to intervene in events in the middle East, voted for another candidate, she said, adding: — trump’s Campaign was based on non-interference in events in the middle East. He said that it is always profitable for our enemies and increases the number of refugees. And now he saw footage on TV…”

Advisor Fox’s Laura Ingraham disappointedly noted: “Missiles fly, Rubio happy. McCain happy. Hillary supports. A complete change of policy in 48 hours”. That is also the opinion of British political analyst Paul Joseph Watson: “it Seems that trump was not “Putin’s puppet”. He’s just another puppet of the deep state and the neo-cons. I’m officially losing my ship trump”.

Former BuzzFeed commentator Tim Treadstone emphasizes exactly who supports trump for “strike on Syria: Hillary, McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan and left.” Then against the blow — “true supporters of the trump.” Consultant The American Mirror Makada Duncanson said, “trump struck Syria without the consent of Congress. I did not vote for it. He promised that the regime change will not, and the incident will help the “Islamic state”” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.).

Disappointed not only American supporters of trump, but his foreign colleagues, whose support he enjoyed, in particular, the British politician Nigel Farage, left, and French politician marine Le Pen. Who became the first foreign politician who met with trump after his election victory, Farage said “many voters trump concerned about this military intervention,” and wondered “what would happen”. Le Pen said that “amazed” by the decision of trump, because he claimed that he did not want for the US role of world policeman, but now it is confirmed.