Israel enters the war

In recent days there is change in the position of Israel towards military action in Syria. If all six years of the war he tried to avoid active actions, it is only recently, Israeli aircraft struck a number of strikes on Syria. Its aims were the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, fighting on the side of Bashar al-Assad.

Starting Friday 17 March, Israeli military aircraft bombed targets in the provinces of Damascus and HOMS. During one of the raids on the aircraft opened fire with anti-aircraft missiles. The Syrians announced that as a result of four launches, one plane was shot down, another damaged. The Israelis have denied this information. According to them, of four missiles SA-5, three went wide and one was intercepted by the antimissile system.

To be more convincing the Israelis conducted the operation, which resulted in the accelerated drone was destroyed by one of those people who were responsible for shelling Israeli aircraft, — the leader of Pro-government militia “forces for the defence of the Fatherland” Yasser al-Siad. In this way the Israelites showed that attempts to prevent them will be dealt with severely. The defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel will not hesitate before destroying anti-aircraft system to Syria if Israeli planes will once again be under threat.

The Russians are worrying about such Israeli actions. The Israeli Ambassador was summoned for explanations, because, according to the Russian side, in the actions of the Israeli aircraft were Russian soldiers.

Hezbollah actively participates in almost all points of clashes in Syria, as Russian military personnel and mercenaries. The accuracy of Israeli air strikes shows that the Israelis are very precise aiming, which involves the participation of intelligence on earth.

bespochvennosti Russia all the more significant that not so long ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu has visited Moscow and met with Vladimir Putin, where certain issues were discussed relating to the Syrian conflict, but apparently not all discussed. At the same time, all observers notice that modern Russian anti-aircraft s-300, which was supposed to close the Syrian sky, the Israelis have not worked.

A revision of the current position of Israel is related, as I consider a reassessment of the prospects of war. First in Israel believed that the case is going to defeat Assad and, accordingly, the reduction of capacity of Hizbollah, which is armed and fueled the Syrian side. But the entry into the war Russia has postponed the defeat of Assad indefinitely, but the Lebanese Shiite militants appeared to be access to modern anti-tank, anti-aircraft and other modern weaponry that is considered by Israel as a serious threat to its security. In this situation it was decided to destroy warehouses, military equipment and manpower Hezbollah directly into Syrian territory. The chief of the General staff, General Gadi Gadi eizenkot explicitly stated that Israel will not stop at any opportunity to prevent the arming of Hezbollah.

This is a significant game changer for Assad. Since the Lebanese militant Shiites constitute a major strength of his troops, they now become vulnerable at any point and at any time, and attempts to prevent it will lead to the direct attacks of the Israelis on Syrian targets and positions. And it is obvious that Russia will not take a chance and cover them. Even without engaging in war in full scale, Israel is beginning to play a very significant role. What is the role of Russia is somewhat unconvincing, the problem of Russia. In contrast, Israel does in the conflict region, their security.