Gender crisis: men have no future

“Male bashing” (“the discredit of men”) is a condemnation of all manly — at the peak of popularity. The trigger mechanism — Donald trump; Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders) called him “Mr. Macho”. Trump is considered a symbol of “angry white men”, which were made responsible for everything bad in the world: climate catastrophe, terrorism or economic crisis. After listing these and several other troubles, Daniel-Dylan böhmer (Daniel-Dylan Böhmer) complained edition Welt: “the Male crisis is threatening the planet”. And since men can’t do anything, at least nothing good, the author pleads: “women of the world, save us from such men!”

Us President Barack Obama at the end of summer 2016 was published in Glamour magazine essay called “is the feminist”. The father of two daughters said: “Michelle and I raised my daughters so that they are not silent, if you notice double standards, or think that they are judged unfairly because of their sex or race (…) And Yes, it is important that their dad is a feminist, because now they expect it from all men.” Obama sees men only as supporters of feminism. And then the circle between the two presidents is closed. While “Clinton and Obama played the female card,” says legal scholar Glenn Reynolds (Glenn Reynolds), boys and men are increasingly receding into the background. And he is not alone. Analyst Catherine J. Kremer (Katherine J. Cramer) has convincingly described in his book “Politics of resentment” (“The Politics of Resentment”), how much anger and resentment among the working class there is in Wisconsin — a state that has chosen trump. Professor of law Joan C. Williams (Joan C. Williams) in a recent article in Harvard Business Review explains the success of trump for a long time ignored the needs of working men.

It is defective and disoriented

As a result of emancipation lose, boys and men. The development of the economy for a long time has a tendency to expand the “female” business activities and to the consecutive reduction of “male” industrial jobs. Accordingly, increasing women’s employment, while men’s are also steadily declining. For several years the level of men’s unemployment remains higher than women’s. It also supports little future prospects of the younger male generation, and distributed again and again the slogan “the Future of women.” In the United States the message has come. There is already talk not about the recession, but the “he-cession”. Economist Nicholas Eberstadt (Nicholas Eberstadt) in his study confirms: “Men without work — the invisible crisis in America,” the jobs of American men are significantly reduced, which brings them more and more social problems. In his book “the End of men and rise of women” that we have become a bestseller, Hanna rosin (Hanna Rosin) analyzes the mythic decline of the American manhood.

During the economic crisis since 2007, was laid off three quarters of the 7.5 million men, in 2009 the number of employed women for the first time been found higher than that of men. Already more than a third of American mothers are the main breadwinners of their families. As a consequence, a sharp change of roles. “Everywhere I’ve turned out pairs to adjust to the new family reality: the woman pays the mortgage. The woman goes every day to work, and before it even quickly gives her husband instructions on how it needs to do the Laundry”.

Also in Germany there are many “dependent”. Youth study project Generation What points to a large group of young men, “who feel very aggrieved and disoriented” and thus more “prone to populism”. About this visionary sociologists like Ralf Dahrendorf (Ralf Dahrendorf), warned about 30 years ago, but was not heard. If Dahrendorf described another group of “angry young men” in Britain, where there are entire city blocks that are under the influence of these “rogue”, as, for example, established the Berlin Institute for population and development in his study Not am Mann (“men”).

In the case of girls, a long time would take measures

Men lost not only in the labour market, but also in schools and in the training in subsequent professional specialization. Their needs often are ignored, they achieve, with the same quality of girls, below are estimated, their transfer to the next school level or class is more complicated. School failures, school dropouts, truants today almost exclusively male. American philosopher Christina Hoff Sommers (Christina Hoff Sommers), herself a feminist, says in his eponymous book about the “War against boys”. This may be an exaggeration, but the fact is that boys in kindergarten, day care, boarding, schools and consulting organizations constantly face female models of behavior and establishing boundaries. His fine motor skills and disobedience, they often Express their protest against educational institutions in the form of a female bastions. Hoff summers sarcastically notes that today’s girls ‘ school Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn would prescribed to calm “Ritalin”.

The boys are distressed floors. The violence and turmoil has increased significantly. Mental and psychosomatic disorders occur in boys more often than girls. The percentage of boys in schools for children with developmental delays is two-thirds; three times more than girls, boys are today clients of the educational correctional centers. Problems with alcohol and drugs, boys grow; the second most frequent cause of death is suicide, and boys commit suicide on average six times more often than girls of the same age. William Pollak (William Pollack), Professor of psychology at Harvard medical school, notes that the society would take action if the number of suicides among girls would be comparable.

© AP Photo, Christof StacheМужчины in national Bavarian clothes


Behavior patterns to survive in this world

Tragically deteriorating conditions have consequences for relationships and family. In his book “Men on strike” (“Men on Strike”), Helen Smith (Helen Smith) notices that the number of marriages in the United States fell to the lowest level in all times. Kay, Hymowitz (Kay Hymowitz) explains such dynamics in their study, “Manhood: how the rise of women has turned men into boys” (“Manning up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys”) permamentnaya the crisis of adolescence immature men. You can look at it from the other side. “Why a man should want to start a family?” — a question recently asked by a young man in the Berlin city magazine Zitty. Men can “live well” without a family. After men for decades said that “they are unnecessary, violent, stupid, and generally a freak of nature”, becomes “it is not surprising that they don’t want to become a pillar of society. Why should they?” This is not the incorrect statement from the capital, this is a trend. The Federal statistical office in its report States that 27% of men aged 18 to 34 are not in a relationship. 60% of single men aged 35 to 64 have never been married. In absolute numbers that approximately seven million men.

In Germany, broke out a loud feminist debate. The response of the men, perhaps, some failure. This is also confirmed in the study “life plans, role models and attitudes towards equality of women and men aged 20 years”: “Men suffer in their subjective emotional state, and feel the defenders; women write the script.” Victims complain about lack of orientation, which science recognizes. Indeed, the long missing male model of behavior that the younger generation could structurally copy. Zoologist Adolf Portman (Adolf Portmann) already decades ago pointed to the fact that we, as imperfect beings biologically, they have to create models in order to survive in this world. Modern neuroscience identifies human life as a process that generates, if necessary, of the model. The model that we have in front of you, is a personality forming. It becomes difficult when, for example, feminist Andrea Dworkin (Andrea Dworkin) in the eighties ascribes to all men terror as a “life purpose”.

A disaster that will disentangle universities

Despite all the statements since then, little has changed. For example, on the Internet goes video in which the criminologist the demand to reduce male population to 10%. Men just disrupt the world balance. Against this American mother formulated a Manifesto: “the leader of men killing our sons.” They pathetically describe as “constant denigration of masculinity” inhibits the development of their sons. This is combined with complaints of German employers that the young men now lacks the motivation, discipline, consistency and resistance to frustration. So this is not surprising: if you had the courage, the desire to achieve success or independence of men is praised, but today these qualities are stigmatized as aggression, careerism, or the inability to reach.

Just because historically these qualities are associated with masculinity, they should be expelled. So currently in Australia classes in the natural science easier to understand and girls. A famous quantum physics Professor Michelle Simmons (Michelle Simmons) calls this the “feminization of physics catastrophe”, which then will have to disentangle the universities. Will need to consider the economic side. In the bottom of the social ladder where increasing spending on maintenance of “rogue” male absorb the money, and the loss of innovation at the top.

The time for the recognition of manhood

Culturally and historically men were the bearers of the avant-garde ideas; today, according to all empirical studies, the vast majority of retrograde. They focus on yesterday, as their future is lost. So now they are in the Arsenal of right-wing politicians — national front (Front National), the Austrian freedom party (FPÖ), the “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) or Swiss people’s party (SVP). There are enough reasons to dare to rethink the real values of masculinity. “Our culture, — said the famous Berlin sociologist Georg Simmel (Georg Simmel) at a time when there was no gender studies, with the exception of a very few provinces, is male. Men created the industry, art, science and Commerce, public administration and religion. Thus, this not only is a man the character, but also requires the male-specific forces to its ever-renewable implementation.”

Simply put, a daily health of our society depends on the work being done by men and do not want to carry women: garbage collection, waste recycling, underground mining, rubber processing, street cleaning, or wastewater treatment. Men are also the most dangerous activities, for example, high-rise construction, eliminating hazardous materials, work roofers and travel workers, security services, fire stations and rescue services. The ratio of fatalities of men and women who worked in the police, fire brigade, paramedics, nurses, rescue services or technical assistance is 98 to two. In the rescue operations in Chernobyl and September 11 in new York city killed rescuers exclusively male.

The time, says Elisabeth Badinter (Elisabeth Badinter) was a philosopher and a feminist, to recognize man’s dignity. “Their names are as follows: self-control, the will to overcome oneself, willingness to take risks, to challenge yourself and resist the pressure… They are conditions for creativity, and dignity.” It has nothing to do with androcentrism.

The author is a sociologist and freelance journalist. He lives in Basel.