Groisman – bitvise: Ukrainians should not be considered second-class citizens

Ukraine gets visa-free regime with the European Union (EU) later than expected. However, bezveza evidence of major changes in Ukraine. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, opening a government meeting.

“Unfortunately, this happens later than we had planned. But almost 150 events that need to be taken to the visa-free regime was adopted, the Parliament and the government and President have done to make all this a reality. But it’s not something that can be called a great gift. The visa regime for Ukrainians – it is a vestige of the old system, which was protected by a beautiful 45-million country in the heart of Europe from the civilized world,” – said Groisman.

At the same time, the Prime Minister said the country is ready to change further.

“We will do everything to Ukrainians in all corners of the world respect that no one thought we were second-class citizens. Therefore, we must remove all barriers that we have to move dynamically, including changing the country from within. The ratification of the agreement with the European Union – is evidence that Ukraine recognize, and testimony to the fact that Ukraine will change,” – said Groisman.

In addition, the Prime Minister criticised the queue for the biometric passports.

“We did a lot in order for this system to decentralize, transfer many powers to the field. If we the people will stand in line to pasportistam, it is another vestige that you want to knock out our services, which may incorrectly organized the work on the ground. Pasportist should be polite and work fast so no one had any negative reactions to receiving these services,” – said Groisman.

According to him, when bezviz to be adopted, authorities will need to properly organize the work of all services – the border guard, consulates, embassies.

“It’s very important that people are not left alone with their problems. If necessary, there ought to be representatives of these services, perhaps for the first border crossing points. Perhaps to make the interdepartmental working groups on the borders, so they worked out technical issues that need to be adjusted,” – said Groisman.

Recall that 82% of MEPs supported on 6 April the European Commission’s proposal to grant Ukraine visa-free regime. This vote is actually determining the result of the process. But a formal decision must go through several stages, after which it will enter into force (tentatively in June-July this year).