Palm Sunday 2017: what not to do in this day

Today, April 9, marked palm Sunday. This holiday has no fixed date and is celebrated on different days. In 2017, Easter falls on April 16, therefore, palm Sunday falls on April 9.

In True Sunday are not just rituals, traditions, and certain prohibitions.

This day though is considered a holiday, but falls in lent, therefore, is not celebrated noisy. On palm Sunday should refrain from active entertainment, alcohol, and entertainment events.

Also on this day are not allowed to work hard, you should pay more attention to prayers and reflections on his own life.

On palm Sunday it is impossible to prepare hot meals, so the hostess do all the dishes in advance. On the eve of cook porridge, buckwheat pancakes, baked bread and cookies. This post is a bit poslabljaet day and allowed to eat fish and drink wine.

It is also believed that on this day, it is impossible to comb the hair not to turn down health and not to invite trouble.

According to tradition, on palm Sunday in the Church during the vigil service consecrate willow branches. It is necessary to prepare in advance – on the eve of before dawn. It is strictly prohibited to pluck a willow that grows near the cemetery.

After willow sanctify in the Church, bring her into the house and put near the icons. It is believed that this willow will protect the house from fires and disasters, and the home – from disease.