A job interview over lunch: what do not need to order and who pays for the food

An interview over lunch can be even more challenging than the usual interview in the office. This option seems less formal, but it creates a lot of potentially awkward situations, according to blog.rabota.ua.

Here are a few points that you should pay attention:

  • Don’t forget that you are assessed

To interview over lunch should be prepared in exactly the same way as for an ordinary interview in the office. Do not expect that in a more informal setting, the employer will limit myself to just a friendly conversation. His goal is to find the most suitable employee. Your – as in any other interview, show your best professional qualities.

Don’t forget that no matter how informal did not seem a job interview over lunch, your interviewer evaluates you constantly. Even if he seems relaxed, this is not a reason to relax for you. Listen carefully to the questions and ponder your answers.

  • Remember the manner of communication

An interview over lunch involves more than the free format of negotiations, but it also gives the employer an additional opportunity to assess your ability to carry on a conversation.

  • Make the right choice

The question of what to order for lunch when you are at the interview may cause difficulties. It all depends on the circumstances, but in General we can focus on the choice of your partner.
In addition, you should not choose a dish that you will be uncomfortable there. For example, a Burger with which you will be difficult to handle, definitely will interfere with your conversation. It is better to opt for something more simple.

  • Deal with the payment of lunch

As a rule, if the employer invites you to interview over lunch, he pays for it. To avoid misunderstandings, it should in any case be ready to pay for your order. At the end of the interview be sure to correctly demonstrate his intention. For example, when you get the bill, you can ask to see your part, get a card or wallet. If a future employer was going to pay for the two of you, he’ll stop you and question will be removed. If not – it would be a clear signal and you won’t get in an awkward situation.