How to get rid of constant worry and fear

In the course of evolution, the sense of fear necessary for survival. It helps the animal to escape, to protect yourself from situations that threaten health or life. Modern citizen have to get rid of anxiety and fear, when he feels an obscure danger. This state prevents living in the present, energy and attention are distracted by negative memories, search for signs that would justify the imaginary alarms, reports

  • What are the fears

It is believed that fears reside in the area of the brain called the hippocampus (hippocampus). Its mechanism is not fully understood, but we know that he holds important current information is responsible for spatial memory, necessary to focus attention in the orientation behavior. So the idea published in several scientific journals is to remove the hippocampus to get rid of fear just a joke.

Some doctors use the following classification, what it fears most:

  • the fear to die
  • anxiety about your health;
  • the ability to be drawn into the conflicts, unpleasant situations with other people; to be not up to par in the area of sexual relations.

To defeat fear, it is important to be able to distinguish it from the alarm:

  • Natural fear is always connected with existing in reality unfavorable situation or circumstances.
  • Anxiety, or neurotic fear, worried in case assumptions about the possible adverse outcome.
    • Ways to get rid of fear

    Simple steps to start with to beat anxiety:

    • engage in physical exercise, autogenous training, yoga;
    • to train yourself to focus on unbiased information entering the brain and not in the fictional the horror of their future;
    • learn to control thoughts, right to understand and appreciate the essence of what is happening around.

    To get rid of fear, calm, psychologists advise to follow the following steps:

    Step 1.

    To realize and admit to yourself that the fear is there, he settled in the subconscious and interferes in everyday life. Try to visualize a picture or image. You need to understand what thoughts are most afraid of, why they cause muscle tension and tightness of breath.

    Step 2.

    To understand in a negative way, which causes so much worry and anxiety. Try to find out what scares you, what makes be afraid.

    Step 3.

    To understand that fear is why it has remained in the subconscious that he teaches something, pointing at something. Perhaps something will be able to understand to cease to go to the purpose through the problems caused by you.

    In this step, you enter into a dialogue with fear, to talk to him, to give him a name, to thank for it, because it is thus about something warns.


    • “I want to be happy.” Rule of Mikhail Labkovsky and fulfillment

    Another way to eliminate anxiety is to imagine it painted in watercolor on glass. Then a damp cloth to erase the picture, making the glass clean and clear.

    The third way to overcome the fear delete the picture or image to make it small to make it into a point.

    After completing these steps, the anxiety recedes.