In Syria used sarin?

Victims of the bombing, using toxic substances in Idlib province on April 4 was more than 80. Injured 350 people. This incident once again showed the world community the dangers of the civil war in Syria, which lasts for more than six years. However, on the background of the confrontation between Russia, USA and other superpowers involved in the conflict, virtually no prospects to establish the facts and the perpetrators of the tragedy. In peace negotiations is also stagnating. The reality is that there are no obstacles to the use of chemical weapons, which is prohibited by international standards.

It is likely that during the bombing of April 4 has been used chemical agent nerve agents sarin. It shocked US. In late March, the administration trump changed the course of the previous President Obama: it gave priority to the destruction of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and ceased to demand the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson stressed that Assad’s fate should be determined by the Syrians.

Some experts say that because the incident occurred immediately after this, allegations of keeping Assad in power could provoke a chemical attack against opposition forces.

Even one of the pillars of the Republican party, Senator John McCain (John McCain) in a statement on 4 April criticized these actions, saying that the change of course by the US administration justified the war crimes of Assad.

The international community has also expressed growing dissatisfaction with the possibility of use of chemical weapons, the victims of which was the large number of people. In light of this, the administration trump will be forced to reconsider its policy in Syria. However, on 4 April, the press Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) stated that it was not necessary to discuss the further course.

The administration of the trump seeks to improve relations with Russia, so experts believe that it will not be able to take a tough stance against the Assad administration, which is supported by Russia.

Meanwhile, on 5 April, the Russian defense Ministry said that the airstrikes struck the Syrian air force, but the chemical weapons were stored in warehouses of the armed forces. It covers the administration of the Assad regime, shifting the responsibility onto the opposition.


Russia has begun airstrikes in Syria in 2015. She has repeatedly stressed that ISIS uses chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq, and urged the West to cooperate, but was ignored. The Obama administration criticized the Russian air strikes, declaring that their victims are civilians and militias backed by the US and other countries, which led to a confrontation with Russia.


The incident of chemical weapons highlighted the differences in approaches of the US and Europe who believe that this is the handiwork of the Assad administration, and Russia, which blows about the danger of the opposition forces. Apparently, now both countries will be difficult to operate.

It may also have a negative impact on the peace talks on Syria are deadlocked. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, who in December last year, together with Russia reached an agreement on a truce, April 4 said that the use of chemical weapons impede the peace process. He also touched on the violations of the armistice agreement.

The Iranian news Agency Fars covers the Assad administration. Escalates the confrontation between the neighboring countries, whose actions should contribute to ending the civil war.

The UN security Council began discussion of the incident, however, due to confrontation between Russia and the United States who are permanent members of the organization, positive changes are not observed. The civil war in Syria has claimed the lives of more than 300 thousand people and created the largest post-Second world war immigration crisis: their homes lost more than five million people. The fact that there is virtually no chance that will be offered any effective action.

After this incident, the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) on 4 April expressed serious concerns and said that she collects information. After 2012 in Syria was the suspect related to the use of chemical weapons.

The Assad administration and the opposition have accused each other in its application. In August 2013 began a joint investigation of the UN and the OPCW. In the vicinity of Damascus, found evidence of the use of sarin. Then the perpetrators were not named, however the information provided indicated that the damaging substance was used by the Assad administration.

The victims of the incident was several hundred people, including children. The Obama administration is even going to send troops to the region, but eventually refused from this idea. Russia has proposed an international framework for chemical weapons destruction. In the end, in September 2013 Syria joined the chemical weapons Convention. Its destruction was to be carried out under the supervision of the OPCW.

In June 2014, the OPCW announced the removal of Syrian chemical weapons declared by the Assad administration. It was assumed that after this was destroyed the stocks of sarin and mustard gas.

Nevertheless, constantly reported about the victims. According to the Syrian-American medical Association as of spring 2016, with the start of the civil war, chemical weapons were used at least 161 times. Killing 1491 people were injured 14581. In one third of cases the use of chlorine gas, which is easy to prepare.

In August last year, the UN and the OPCW have defined that in the period from 2014 to 2015, chemical weapons were used nine times. Of these, two times barrel bombs with chlorine gas were dropped by Syrian forces. It was also recognized that ISIS has used mustard gas.

Even if the OPCW will investigate this incident and take it will be extremely difficult due to the fact that in this region the fighting and not enough staff. To the complete destruction of chemical weapons lies the hard way.