In St. Petersburg on the case of terrorist attack arrested six people

Nevsky district court of St. Petersburg sent into custody of the six detained suspects in the investigation of the case on the terrorist attack in the subway of the Northern capital.

The third and fourth the court arrested Dilmurod Muidinova and 39-year-old Seyfulla Khakimova.

20-year-old native of the Kyrgyz city of Osh D. Muidinov has a 9th grade education, works as a cook in cutivate. Magnitogorsk was on the street in St. Petersburg, and lived in an apartment on Friendly Avenue. The mother lives at home, his father died. At trial he announced that he has chronic bronchitis and a spinal hernia.

A native of Uzbekistan, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan Khakimov was in Kyrgyzstan, also have registration on Khasan street in St. Petersburg (till 23 Dec 2017). Education, family lives in Kyrgyzstan. Married, three children. Unofficially working on a construction site in St. Petersburg. The exact address of the court he did not name, was detained in the apartment on Friendly Avenue.

As noted by his translator, Khakimov denies any wrongdoing. Among the health problems the translator noted that Khakimov had a heart attack and has the second disability group for heart disease.

The fifth arrested 39-year-old Bahram Ergashev, a native and citizen of Kyrgyzstan with secondary education. Married, three children. Worked in St. Petersburg, not the site. The exact address is not remembered, but, according to the investigator, he was also arrested in the apartment on Friendly Avenue.

Sixth, the court arrested the 21-year-old Mahmadyusuf Mirzaalimova, a native of Kyrgyzstan, Osh. A citizen of Russia, secondary education. In St. Petersburg he worked informally. He lived in an apartment on Friendly Avenue.

Was previously arrested 23-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan Ibragimjon Ermatov and 23-year-old native of the Uzbek Bukhara Azamjon Makhmudov, also lived in the apartment on Friendly Avenue.

All were detained in the apartment on Friendly Avenue, arrested on 2 June.