VG (Norway): Kværner is in danger of falling under the US sanctions due to a pipeline contract with Russia

US threatens new sanctions to all suppliers and contractors of the project, arguing that Russia through a new pipeline aims to strengthen control over energy supplies to Europe.

“Get out of the project or else” — this is a direct threat came from the lips of Secretary of state Mike Pompeo at a press conference in Washington on Wednesday.

Recommends Norwegian gas

USA point to Norway as an alternative supplier of gas to European countries. They have already been actively trying to stop the “Nord stream — 2”.

But the United States and they want to export more gas to Europe and therefore invited the European countries to choose between Russian and American gas.

Pompeo called the gas pipeline in the Baltic sea a “tool of the Kremlin” to increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.

Kværner: we do it for

At Kværner with the “Northern stream — 2” the contract for about 600 million euros (4.5 billion rubles). The company had to supply locks and cleaning system of the pipeline on the Russian side, for the ground of the facility, located Northwest of St. Petersburg.

“We have fulfilled almost all obligations, and our work is coming to an end,” said VG is the Director of public relations thorbjørn Andersen (Torbjørn Andersen). “Neither before, nor now, we have not received reports of sanctions related to the work Kværner”, he added.

The Norwegian company did not have time to get acquainted with a new warning to the United States, which voiced Pompeo.

“There are no statements or signals that affect our participation in the project, it was not,” said Andersen on behalf of Kværner.

Sent to Denmark

Earlier, the President of Donald trump and his administration threatened sanctions to those who participate in the construction of the pipeline. Because of this, the Swiss company Allseas left the project before the pipeline reached Germany. Now her work is done by a Russian ship.

The United States had hoped that Denmark will withdraw its consent to the construction of a pipeline off the coast of Bornholm. However, the Danish authorities have given the green light.

On Wednesday, Mike Pompeo warned that next Monday will go to Copenhagen — apparently to put pressure on the Danes stronger.

Non-partisan pressure

Republican and democratic lawmakers United in the opinion that it is necessary to ask trump to resort to more powerful tools in attempts to stop the “Nord stream — 2”.

With new powers in accordance with the laws of the boycott of American Secretary of state can now impose sanctions against any individual or company that indirectly help Russia to build new pipelines to export or directly involved in the expansion or upgrading of old pipelines coming from Russia.

The EU earlier expressed its disagreement with the US desire to punish their allies for the purchase of Russian gas.

“The EU position on U.S. sanctions against European companies involved in legitimate activities, is clear: they are unacceptable and contrary to international law. The EU is categorically against them,” said Borelli Josep (Josep Borrell), Vice-President of the European Commission in July, according to Jyllands-Posten.

July 21, the U.S. House of representatives approved tighter sanctions against all participants in the project of Russian gas pipeline — approx. ed.