The main objective of Putin in Hamburg

What can we expect from Putin’s participation in the summit of the Big twenty? Yes no. And here’s why. International diplomacy has several functions. For example, the function of preventing war. Sometimes it turns into war-mongering, this happens. In short, attempts to address issues of war and peace, borders, the all-important international issues.

Nothing like that in this case can not be. As for Ukraine, there is a Minsk process. And no talking with trump for five minutes, this process will not budge. Moreover, the position of Putin and trump stated — they do not converge. And will not converge during this short summit. The same applies to the meeting with Him and Merkel. The Zdzvizhkou in the military-political sphere should not be expected, since the positions of the parties quite clearly marked. And convergence at the moment they are not.

There are also economic function — using political contacts to push through important economic decisions. Only in Russia was the President of China, which was carried out. Though he came from an important state visit, no political agreements or declarations, was not. But the Chinese are quite systematically, although not at a very large scale, doing what they should: provide a source of raw materials, have access to where they previously were not allowed (buying Russian companies), etc. the State, through political lobbying solves its economic problems.

In this case, this function is also not working because of General economic relations between Russia and America is not. Trump leads are rude and dangerous policy re-activation of oil wells, sells liquefied gas to Poland. All of these actions directly hit Russia. But this is not against Russia, which Trump spit, just like he doesn’t care about the Middle East. This is done for lifting the oil industry in America. And is there to negotiate about — the subject of conversation just yet.

Well, economic relations of Russia with France and Germany — is also fairly stable history. With Germany — traditionally large trade relations with France are not very large. But within a half-hour conversation, anything to do with it. Security and economy Putin nothing to talk about at the summit. There is no subject agreement.

It is the third most important function of international diplomacy, which should be implemented successfully. We are talking about Executive function. PR, self-love, a demonstration of a loved one — something that I love and trump and Putin.

I think that for a man named Donald trump and a man named Vladimir Putin this agofunny is the most important. Everything else is just cause for admiration. It is possible that they humanly each other and find each other like that, however, does not mean that they will become closer politically.

In vain this feature is considered despicable and low. For most people, politics has long turned into a show, which everyone is watching with great attention. Shoumensko feature of Putin’s policy and the tramp successfully implement, and the military and economic issues, I think, even not affected.

Such PR contacts are great because they often do not have winners and losers. This is the case when each party is negotiating as a victory. And it is impossible to refute because there is no objective criteria, someone who has changed.