Without gas from Russia and “warm credits”: Groisman reported energieforum in Ukraine

Ukraine continues the policy of achieving energy independence. This was during a report on the activities of the government Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.

“440 days we live without Russian gas. We also started teploozerskiy housing. Only under the program “Warm-loans” we have already attracted 118 thousand households. Naftogaz is 100 billion subsidies from the state today took to the net profit of 21 billion. These funds had been spread in the pockets of those around, “Naftogaz” has organized its momentum,” he listed Groisman.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the country approved the concept of hydropower whereby the proportion of this type of generation will be doubled to 8.6% of the total volume of electricity.

At the same time, a third of the electricity that is consumed by the population is produced from coal.

“There are some cities that produce heat from coal for Ukrainian citizens. We consumed 24 tons of coal per year. Anthracite coal group is extracted from the Ukrainian interior, but on the temporarily uncontrolled territory”, – said Groisman.

According to him, instantly to abandon the “anthracite” would – according to calculations by Groisman, you will need 3-5 years, annual investment.

Despite the current difficulties caused by the illegal blockade on Donbass, Ukraine is sure that Ukraine has the potential to export electricity.