What awaits the Arabs in Washington?

Something undefined is being prepared in the US capital and it cannot be explained by the visit of the three Arab leaders: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, Jordan’s king Abdullah II, President of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas.

Each of these visits has its own agenda, which is reflected in the discussion of the development of bilateral relations with the new head of the White house. However, all visits attributed two main themes. Each party shall consider the balance of forces in the regions affected by the war. In addition, their every action will affect the further development of events.

First thing — the war against ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and other extremist organizations, including the call for the creation of a military Alliance headed by the United States under the line called “Arab NATO.” But there is no information about how to implement it and where the field of confrontation?

The President of the United States Donald trump during his election campaign strongly criticized the NATO Alliance. He believes the organization is ineffective, especially considering the financial costs in order to NATO. In addition, trump has threatened to withdraw from NATO, based on the above argument.

The role of US leadership in Europe since the Second world war was mainly based on its military power and protect European States, which are included in the so-called Western coalition.

However, a withdrawal from NATO would seriously reduce the strategic influence of the U.S. government.

This problem is beyond the scope of powers of trump’s or any other President. No solution is possible without “red lines”, passing through the Pentagon, intelligence services and Congress.

Therefore, in effect, ignored the call for the establishment of an “Arab NATO”, which will be able to resolve the ongoing conflict in the middle East.

However, the principled refusal to participate in any military unions, inherited from the liberation movements of the 50-ies of the last century under the leadership of Gamal Nasser, continues to exist.

The US administration sought to create a new Baghdad Pact (Cento, Central Treaty Organization — military-political bloc in the middle East, created at the initiative of the USA, UK and Turkey, in 1955, lasted until 1979 — approx. ed.) to “fill the void”, which was since the political defeat of the British and French empires in the Suez war of 1956.


Gamal Nasser was not alone. Egypt was not alone. Refusal from participation in military alliances was dictated by the will of the Arab nation, which it was impossible to ignore.

Arab national security in any form is not in anyone’s interest, so it impedes the project of creation of an “Arab NATO.” Trump did not respond to questions about its strategy in the fight against terrorism, so any of his statements about the creation of such a project was not taken seriously.

No response to trump that meant his administration, saying about security zones in Syria about a possible division of Syria and the formation of a Kurdish mini-States, which subsequently will join the Iraqi Kurdistan, was not clear.

Turkey with all its military and political power to oppose such a scenario. No Arab influential positions it is impossible to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria.

No response to trump on US military intervention in Mosul, raqqa and other areas of Iraq and Syria were not sufficiently clear.

There are serious signs indicating a possible separation of the two Arab countries, on the basis of allegations that American troops leave the region after the war against ISIS.

Thus, the problem of combating terrorism and its consequences. The discussion of this topic is expected in the course of the visit of the three Arab leaders in Washington. In addition, added the critical issues of territorial problems, and determine the fate of the participants of the conflict.

A new round of settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict is a minefield. Especially, as for a compromise with Israel without the existence of conclusive evidence about his readiness to leave the occupied territory in the West Bank or Golan heights.

Perhaps all the talk about the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict have no clear plan, and are just the main new project the trump.

You need to remember about trump’s statements at the meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu at the White house, when he agreed with the majority of the Zionist statements.

In addition, no international court, which referred to all initiators seeking to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, are reluctant to admit “the solution of two States”. Trump spoke disparagingly about the historical resolution of the UN Security Council condemning the settlement construction in the West Bank, which was adopted a few days before his accession to the post of President of the United States. Trump promised to exert pressure to ensure that this resolution was cancelled.

He also promised to move his country’s Embassy to Jerusalem, offering the idea of a single state (the Jewish state), which will be the beginning of the most ambitious and the most dangerous of Palestinian resettlement in 1948.

Why is this man publicized his ideas now that the US supports initiatives for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the middle East?

First hypothesis: he returns to his main strategy, which he expressed earlier. Namely, to ensure that the fight against ISIS, which has affected even major Western capital has not completed, and the entire region was in a state of chaos, not yet resolved the Arab-Israeli conflict.

This hypothesis corresponds to the logic to which you appeal, many European countries (led by France). But it doesn’t explain anything regarding trump.

Can’t the person who loudly declares against immigrants, minorities, women, and freedom of the press suddenly become a man of the world!

The second hypothesis: he’s trying to solve the internal problems of their country, tied to the middle East crisis, calling for peace and “sacred mission” that no one except him can perform.

Almost certainly this hypothesis is still heavily perceived and rejected by American society, undermining the popularity of trump is much faster than it has ever happened with a different President.

The U.S. Supreme court did not support the decree trump the ban on entry of nationals from several Muslim countries in the USA, due to the fact that they represent a potential terrorist threat.

The struggle within the Republican party that has a majority in Congress, is the reason for the cancellation of the project of health care reform.

In turn, Democrats blamed the success in the presidential election because of the role of Russia in these elections. The Republicans may refuse to participate in the investigation if it will require additional funding.

European right-wing and left-wing traditionalists regarded as political supporters of the new populism that threatens to undermine modern values: civil liberties, human rights, diversity and peaceful coexistence between minorities and religions.

His image of the leader, implements the interests of the United States, failed. Hollywood, the media and research centers confirm this.

According to this hypothesis, the tramp tries to escape from the charges inside the country of failing to resolve the crisis in the same way as his predecessors, former presidents of the United States. What about when a settlement can we say?

This question should be asked directly to the President of the United States.

This is the first time in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, when the initiative without any explanation and possible solutions. As if the peace process will move on their own — without a rudder and engine.

Clearly, all published by the Arab resolution adopted at the “summit of the Dead sea” (the summit of the League of Arab States, held in Jordan on March 29-30 — approx. ed.) on the Palestinian issue will not prevent to meet future challenges. These resolutions will act as a boom in front of the expected waves of pressure that will fall on them.

We emphasize that the Arab initiative is the only solution at the moment. Any move towards compromise is not supported by one party or another.

According to the initiative, the full normalization of relations is possible only after a complete Israeli withdrawal from Arab territories okulirovannyh since 1976.

Made by the trump initiative on “two States” is another stumbling block, supported by the international community.

Some concessions, including warm relations with Israel and its withdrawal from the occupied territories, without which there can be no peace. The rejection of these concessions can be expensive.