Nepal’s wild elephant ransacked on the market.

Two people were killed and five others injured in an attack by a wild elephant on the market in the area Saptari in Nepal.

As a result of elephant on one of the narrow shopping streets of the market in the village Hanumannagar the crush began. People tried to get rid of the animal, but it started to attack them in response, reports the Kathmandu Post.

Only two hours later, the security market with other visitors managed to push the elephant out of the market to the banks of the river Koshi.

In all likelihood, the elephant came to a village of the natural Park of the Cauchy Tappu, located about 15 kilometers from Hanumannagar.

Local authorities promised to pay the families of the victims compensation in the amount of 500 thousand rupees (about five thousand dollars).

Earlier it was reported that in Thailand, looking for tourists, rastermusic elephant’s loud cries.