Ukraine was ahead of schedule on budget

The revenues of the state budget of Ukraine in January-March 2017 made 174,74 billion, or 10.6%, or UAH 16.7 billion, higher than the temporary plan. It is reported the State Treasury service (state Treasury).

Compared to the first quarter of 2016, the budget revenues increased by 45.58 billion, or 35.3%. In March, the budget was 62,69 billion, which is 13.3%, or of 7.37 billion UAH more than planned.

Including tax revenues in January-March 2017 increased by January-March-2016 34.4% to 91,02 billion UAH, customs and 31.6%, to 66,85 billion. A temporary plan for three months of this year were exceeded respectively by 7.9% and 13.7%.

However, in March this year due to greater VAT recovery and postponement of tax payments of income taxes were below last year’s value by 13.6% and made up of 28.77 billion, and the customs had recorded an increase by 27.5% to 26.5 billion UAH.

The state Treasury also reported an increase in revenues of local budgets in the first quarter of this year, 36.9% by the first quarter of last year — to 43,63 billion UAH, while in March they increased by only 18.7%% — to 14.63 billion.

As reported, the revenues of the state budget of Ukraine in 2017 is planned in the amount 731,03 billion UAH, which is by 20.3% more than the income secured in the state budget for 2016. Expenditure budget this year is projected to total 800,03 billion UAH, exceeding the planned spending budget-2016на of 17.4%.