The sensational flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is available for pre-order in Ukraine

March 29, 2017 in new York’s Lincoln center hosted the long-awaited presentation of Samsung Galaxy S8. The smartphone has a number of interesting updates compared to the previous version.

It is not surprising that many buyers are awaiting the commencement of its sales. In Ukraine, according to official data, they will start on 5 may and pre-orders will be available from 6 April. But some progressive electronics stores, including popular supermarket Rozetka, opened the pre-order is almost immediately after the presentation. What will surprise the flagship of the acclaimed?

Anticipated new

Recently, the presentation of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8, which attracted the attention of many buyers. User interest was so great that many of the specifications of the device have become known before its formal submission.

The smartphone is designed with time out of the market, its highly successful predecessor. This trend has now because the price of the latter is substantially decreased. Although S7 is still steadily retains its position, still a novelty in many ways ahead of him.

Special attention at the presentation was paid to the updated design. According to the developers, it aims to change the perception of users about how should look a modern smartphone. Was submitted to the intelligent assistant Bixby, mode DeX, opportunities, cameras, and other innovations.

It is noteworthy that the novelty will be equipped with proprietary headphones AKG. This is a very nice bonus, especially when you consider that separately this headset costs about$100.

The release date and pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8 on the Ukrainian market is already known. The start of sales is planned for may 5, 2017, and pre-order at most stores will be available from 6 April. Although many progressive supermarkets, including the popular hypermarket Rozetka, opened the pre-order almost immediately after the presentation.


First, it is noteworthy that the new smartphone is its extremely stylish appearance. The glass panels of Gorilla Glass 5 is framed by a glossy frame 7000 aluminum. The device looks much more progressive and original than the previous model.

But elegant curved shape is not the only feature of the flagship. Main attention is drawn to the screen. The upper and lower frame is surprisingly thin, so the display occupies almost the entire surface of the front panel. Key controls are mounted directly on the monitor and the fingerprint scanner is moved to the rear panel.

Above the screen is a 3.7 MP IRIS scanner recognition, iris and face. If the first feature is familiar to users at Note 7, the latter is an interesting novelty that will appeal to many.

From the front panel disappeared the manufacturer’s logo. But with this design there is no need for: Samsung Galaxy S8 stands out among its competitors is original, recognizable appearance.


Due to design changes with almost the same dimensions (148,9х68,1×8 mm — new; 142,4х69,6×7,9 mm — the older model) increased the diagonal of the monitor (with 5.8″ 5.1″). The aspect ratio was non-standard: 18,5:9. Now can display more information, it is more convenient to work in multiwindow mode. Video can be stretched in length or choose a standard format with thin black frames on the edges. It will comfortably be viewed in both cases.

Super AMOLED screen has a resolution of 2960х1440 dpi, pixel density of 570 ppi. It includes the option to automatically adjust the image accordingly to external conditions.


In Ukraine the novelty will come with 8-core Exynos 8895 (4 cores of 2.35 GHz, 4 — 1.9 GHz). RAM — 4 GB internal — 64 GB. There is support for memory cards up to 256 GB. About the performance of the device is significantly ahead of its predecessor.

The operating system uses fresh Android 7 with a proprietary shell Samsung Experience 8.1.

Additional features

One of the key innovations of the device is the intelligent assistant Bixby. It’s not just a voice assistant, and a platform that analyzes user preferences in applications, and offering the most convenient solutions. However, while Bixby adapted for a limited number of applications and works only in the English and Korean languages.

Another interesting innovation was the mode DeX. Through a special docking station to your smartphone, you can connect two USB devices (e.g. mouse and keyboard) to broadcast its content on an external monitor. The application interface will adapt to the big screen.

Innovations were made and the camera apparatus. So, 5 MP front sensor the older models gave way to a new 8 MP. Main camera remains the same, but have been improved its performance. Now it works much faster although we can not say that the photo quality has changed significantly.

The battery remains the same as that of the older model: 3000 mA*h. Its total charge is more than enough for half a day or two of using the device.

With all the innovation and pleasant bonuses price of Samsung galaxy S8 will be about 25,000 USD. This value is quite typical of the progressive flagship, justified by its performance and features.

Video review Samsung S8


The acclaimed flagship, no doubt, turned out very interesting. He’s good in everything from innovative design to high performance. Novelty has several features, the most striking of which are the intellectual assistant Bixby and the function DeX. Attracts attention advanced display with an unconventional aspect ratio of 18.5:9.

Sales of the flagship will start may 5, but eager customers can already pre-order online store Rozetka. The supermarket offers an advantageous action when ordering new items: a gift is a wireless charger. To make an order for the “Socket” is simple and convenient, you can find all the necessary information about the device, and get expert advice. You can also compare the new product with an older version or closest competitors.