The world is becoming hotter and hotter: foreign end of the week

The past week has been hot in both hemispheres. Moreover, both literally and figuratively.

Residents of most of the European part of Eurasia and North Africa faded from the 40-degree heat, Dubai residents — from 46-degree, the Baghdad — from 50 °C. long-term weather conditions on Earth will become more comfortable, and according to the Institute of Global Footprint Network, Oakland (CA, USA), in the environment in 2017, came the “day of expenditure of biological resources of the Earth.” This means that the 2 of August (in just seven months of the year) people used all the natural resources that the planet can produce per year, to rebuild their reserves and to absorb greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, as noted by the representatives of the Institute from year to year “day of overuse of bioresources of the Earth” is shifted closer to the beginning of the year. This date fell on 5 November 1985, on October 1 in 1998, to August 20 in 2009. If we continue to consume resources at this rate, then in 2030 we will need two planets.

Our planet is limited, however, human possibilities are endless. M. Wackernagel

“To live in accordance with the means offered us the Land, technically possible, financially beneficial, and it represents our only chance for a prosperous future”, — commented on the new study, the Global Footprint Network President Mathis Wackernagel.


Residents experiencing a severe economic crisis Venezuela with blood continue to struggle with the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro. Four months of protests that claimed the lives of more than 120 people. On Sunday “oil” in the fire of the revolution poured himself a Venezuelan President who initiated and conducted the elections to the Constitutional Assembly, and by Thursday was going to hold the first meeting of the new on the grounds of the Palace of the National Assembly, from Tuesday put under special protection by the national guard. Hurry Maduro because he needs through this meeting to make changes to the Constitution in order to dissolve the uncontrolled opposition in the Parliament.

And it does not matter that the election results not recognized by almost all countries in the region and the EU (as a whole — 40 countries). Not be accepted by the international community and the new Constitution, because, as noted by the world’s institutions, changes must be made through a national referendum. The deputies of the Argentine Parliament are asking the UN to send a mission to Venezuela, and the judges of the Supreme court of Venezuela approved by the Parliament EN masse seeking asylum in embassies in Caracas. On Tuesday, the opposition holds a nationwide strike.

This decision, which expresses his helplessness, his despair, his hatred, talking about the nature of the magnate who is the Emperor of the United States. He (trump) commits the serious error in their life, contact with Venezuela. N. Maduro

While the Americans resorted to his favorite method of fight against totalitarian regimes to impose sanctions. For starters Maduro banned US and to do business with him, but in the future expected action even against the oil sector of Venezuela, which represented Russia. “As I have repeatedly said, we never leave. No one will be able to drive out. We will work with Venezuela and will increase the scope of our cooperation”, — said yesterday at a meeting with journalists in Moscow the head of the largest Russian oil company “Rosneft” Igor Sechin.


This week finally broke the reset between Washington and Moscow, and the German newspaper Die Welt even called the President of the United States Donald trump’s “the second grave strategic miscalculation of Vladimir Putin” (the first edition considers the annexation of Crimea). Wednesday was officially announced that trump has signed a controversial law a week earlier approved by both houses of Congress. It provides the introduction of the most ambitious sanctions against Russia for its interference in the American election campaign in 2016 and for its aggression against Ukraine, which is called the return of the amendment of Jackson—Vanik, banning in 1974, USA full trade with the Soviet Union.

“Despite its problems, I sign this act in the name of national unity. It reflects the desire of the people of America to see the steps by Russia to improve relations with the United States. I am in favour of tough measures to punish and prevent aggressive and destabilizing behavior of Iran, North Korea and Russia, and at the same time, I believe that this law has significant drawbacks. Congress rushing to pass this law, to include several clearly unconstitutional provisions,” reads the official statement from trump, which should indicate that the White house teeth reluctantly put his signature, because under this law it is deprived of the right without the consent of Congress to relax the previously imposed sanctions against Russia.

The hope of improving our relations with the new American administration — the end. Russia declared a full trade war. Dmitry Medvedev

“I think in General that the President’s hands were tied, said the American newspaper USA Today the head of the Department of political science at Miami University in Ohio Brian Marshall. — It gives the President the possibility of some political rhetoric, but then the presence of these constitutional objections could give him a cover for discretion in how it will in reality carry out the law in life.” Thus a week-long controversy in the media and Congress (on the theme will use the trump a veto or not) now replaced by divination, whether he will launch a mechanism of sanctions in full force and effect or will find excuses to delay the process. Actually this trump hinted in the second statement about the signed bill, having covered the Ukrainian question.

“My administration expects Congress that he will refrain from using this flawed law to create interference joint with our important European allies efforts to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and to use it to create interference with our efforts to prevent any undesirable consequences of the application of law for American firms, our friends or our allies,” quoted the tramp Bi-bi-si.

The first answer was given by the Europeans, because the sanctions in the new us law will affect the Russian pipeline projects, including the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, on Wednesday told reporters that the U.S. Congress took into account the wishes of the European Union, changing the text of the law, but the EU is, nevertheless, ready to respond if the sanctions will affect his company.

“We are ready. We need to protect our economic interests in relations with the United States, and we will do so,” said Juncker.

Then he spoke of Russian politics. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that with the adoption of the law on sanctions the United States announced Russia’s full-fledged trade war, and the Russian authorities no longer hope to improve relations with Washington, and will be looking for something to adequately respond.

“The American establishment completely outplayed trump. The President is not pleased by the new sanctions, but could not sign the law. New sanctions topic arose primarily as another way to put trump on the spot. Ahead of new approaches whose ultimate goal is his removal from power. Non-system player must be liquidated,” Medvedev wrote on the social network Facebook.

Sechin assured yesterday journalists that in the course of a month, minimizing the effects of new sanctions: “There are positive impacts, there are negative. That’s negative, like I said, already beginning to work against the American partners. A positive you will learn over the next four weeks.”


The Japanese have demonstrated discipline and efficiency in the resolution of political crises — for the day rebooted their government. Yesterday morning, the Cabinet held an emergency meeting at which government members handed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s resignation. It was caused by scandals involving Ministers and the Abe. So, earlier the post of the defense Minister left Tomomi Inada, who is accused of withholding important documents about the shooting in the southern Sudan during the stay there of Japanese peacekeepers. And Abe is accused of supporting the construction company, which at low prices bought the land to the school. Yesterday afternoon there was a meeting of the ruling liberal democratic party of Japan, which announced about new appointments in the government. And in the evening the Emperor Akihito approved the new composition headed by Abe.