Dark shadows in St. Petersburg

Explosions in the subway in the centre of Saint-Petersburg evoke sad memories. Some time ago, the terrorists attacked Moscow metro, but St. Petersburg remained relatively aloof from such acts.

First of a lot of concern to Muscovites was brought by the war in the Caucasus. Moscow residents survived the capture of the theatrical centre, the attacks in the subway and at the airport. We may recall the terrible events in Beslan, where, during the release of the hostages killed many children.

All major cities are vulnerable, and the goal of terrorist acts of this kind to instill fear, who would follow them no standing. Of course, it’s disgusting. Innocent people lose their lives because of someone’s fanatical ideas.

A considerable portion of their political capital Vladimir Putin has amassed terrorism. He demonstrated a very tough stance on the Caucasus and Chechnya, which resulted, among other things, the persecution of Caucasians in Moscow.

Now the main question is, what will be the consequences of today’s events.

There is a clear risk of further restrictions on rights and freedoms against the background of the incident. No matter who is to blame for the explosions. It is the result of all the events 2000 years.