The index of the hash: a pot of summer soup has risen by 10 per year

With the onset of summer, the traditional Ukrainian borsch rarely appears on the tables of Ukrainians — in the warm time of the year Ukrainians increasingly prefer cold first dishes, such as hash. As calculated specifically for the “Today” analyst of the Ukrainian agrarian Confederation Dmitry Dane, during the year the hash went up by 18.33%. The three-liter pot, which a year ago were, on average, cost a little more than 50 UAH, now worth almost UAH 60 (see infographic).

“Prices of almost all basic products which are part of the hash, significantly older, analyzes the Dane. — First appreciation of impact on vegetables: cucumbers (+52,6%), potatoes (+43,9%) and dill (+39,3%), which is associated with small volumes of last year’s harvest and its quality. Also during the year significantly went up and the dairy products included in the hash — sour cream (+36,7%) and yogurt (+32,5%). Reasons — the difficult situation in farming, the reduction of state industry, the decline in dairy production in the country and rising world prices.

Slightly expensive chicken (+10,9%). But the prices of eggs (due to the decrease in their exports and overproduction), by contrast, fell by 20.5%. The cost of the other components of the food have remained relatively stable, hovering at around 3%.

FORECAST. In the near future is expected to reduce the cost of making hash due to a sharp fall in the price of vegetables due to seasonal increased supply in the markets, I’m sure Dane: “For the rest of the ingredients most likely to slow rising prices, particularly for dairy products, and over time — and eggs.” According to the Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko, a dozen eggs could rise by July 2-3 UAH, which will increase the cost of 3 liters of hash 1-1,2 UAH. But decliners tripled cucumbers, potatoes and other green ingredients will reduce the cost of meals for about 10 UAH.