Golosa – Ukrainian free online classified ads

Tired of mountains of unnecessary things at home? Prices in stores are forced forever to save? Looking for a job or a profitable rental of office space? To these questions there is one simple answer – Golosa. com

Golosa is a Ukrainian ad free. A great platform for various operations in the Internet, which include sale, purchase and exchange of goods.

Database of ads on the website Golosa daily by thousands of various suggestions from all over Ukraine. Even the most picky customers will find there a lot like. More than 13 different headings with multiple subheadings. It is very convenient because it saves time searching for necessary goods.

Work with the site simple for both buyers and sellers. To place an individual or a business listing, you can not even pass the registration procedure. The number of positions is infinite. There are no limits as on the analog sites. Moreover, if you want to make changes or change information in the ad, then it can be done easily and without difficulty, even for the beginner in the use of the website.

The profitable collaboration with free classifieds and business customers. After all, you can quickly and easily access the statistics of advertisement on the basis of which to make the dimension for the subsequent actions and strategies.

You can also configure special function “Raise to Top”. This service allows you to display an ad on the top position in the list and hold it there for a certain period of time. This will increase the chance of viewing the product and subsequent sale or purchase. This is a paid feature. But the price for the promotion of ads 3 times less than on other platforms.

Bright new feature of Internet message boards Golosa is heading “Discounts”. It’s a nice bonus in trade and sales network. In this category, everyone can find beneficial and attractive discounts on business services, education, entertainment, and more.

Free classified ads website Golosa works with 2015. For such a short time Board for ad placement won thousands of customers who have successfully purchased or sold the right products. Positive responses appear every day on the world wide web, which in turn proves that Okolocha operating efficiently and effectively.