Macron, a victim of Russian plot: a simple excuse?

The lack of Macron of any progress in the polls, of course, is the result of a Russian conspiracy, not its own strategy, which consists in the repression of ideas somewhere in the shadows at the back of “obsolete their” democracy.

A few days ago I was having a debate with the journalist of France 2, which started with the question: “are You doing conspiracy?” This word is now in Vogue, and its use as a charge in the spirit of the time. Now we have conspiracy theorists, on the one hand, and anticonspiracy, on the other, like earlier fascists and anti-fascists, liberals and antiliberaly, selfish relativists and universalists of the brave, the defenders of values.

New Manicheism

Anyway, you should pay attention to the process of thinking of anticancerous and understand that something is clearly wrong with their tendency everywhere to see the conspiracy theorists, particularly those who are not willing to settle for the official version. Let the conspiracy theories and not the best way of looking at the history, black-and-white approach of anticancerous hardly something better, of course, if you don’t think that one simplification can be combated with another.

In fact, the approach of the fighters with the conspiracy theories to reality looks just as controversial as the conspiracy theories.

The plots are different

Simple acquaintance with the Vulgate anticancerous enough to recognize the intellectual paucity of their ideology. The fact that they can’t even give clear definition to the notion “conspiracy”.

In conspiracy theories there is a certain philosophy of history, which is looking for links between events coordinated, deliberate and covert operations United by the goal group of people. This is the mechanics of the “Protocols of the elders of Zion” or modern arguments (they are, incidentally, incredibly popular) about the Illuminati and the Bilderberg club. In this worldview a few unhealthy minds together and pull the secret strings of the world, which is complex in appearance only.

Anticonspiracy in turn not even try to refute these false theories. They target something else, that in my childhood was called the official propaganda.

Anticonspiracy is a specific philosophy of history, which implies the adoption of an official explanation of the events. Thus, anticonspiracy believe all those conspiracy theorists who are characterized by a critical view of the distributed state information, and who is not afraid to Express doubts.

Cazeneuve — conspiracy

We note one paradoxical, but fun fact: criticism conspiracy on the part of its opponents typically relies on a belief in… the existence of an organized conspiracy of a conspiracy. It turns out thinking of anticancerous is based on the same mechanisms as conspiracy theory… Just don’t tell anyone, it’s a big mystery!

Want an example? In 2016 Bernard Cazeneuve (Bernard Cazeneuve) accused the newspaper Libération in the conspiracy because she had caught of the interior Minister of lying. Here it is, this mechanic: anyone who disputes the official version of events (in this case, the attack in nice), is the conspiracy, and sent his dark forces that work against the common good.

But such a grotesque accusation Kazneva in the newspaper is hardly surprising. The fact that he had long argued that the attack in Karachi in 1995 (his victims were French military engineers) was not the result of Islamic terrorism, and internal French conspiracy. Thus, the Penalty is well versed in the conspiracy, once he gave a conspiracy theory that I do not undertake to refute any one preacher from a radical mosque.

Here it is, the true face of anticancerous: they see conspiracies everywhere.

The Makron is also wallowing in the conspiracy?

The government Hollande-Valls was another famous (anti)conspiracy: Emmanuel macron (Emmanuel Macron).

Once a ratings favorite candidate subsidized media froze (they reached the ceiling of 20%), his team provides us with explaining all the theory: the Makron was a victim of the actions of foreign powers. Here I suggest to my friend Olivier Berruyer (Olivier Berruyer) who is unjustly accused of conspiracy, le Decodex, to seize this opportunity. After all, if he wrote about Ukraine or the United States that the command Rules allow himself to speak about Russia, it is, without doubt, would all the media.

Here is the official statement of the environment kid who wants to become President of a third world military power: “the Last two days of the campaign headquarters of Emmanuel Macron anxiously drew attention to the increasing number of attacks on the website of the movement “Forward!” and urged the French authorities to take measures to ensure smooth conduct of elections on 23 April and 7 may.”

“If successful, these attacks to wage a campaign “Go!” will be extremely difficult, almost impossible,” writes in an article published in the Le Monde article, the Secretary General of the movement of former economy Minister Richard Ferrand (Richard Ferrand).

On the eve of the channel France 2 decided that Emmanuel macron became a target for Moscow because of its position in favor of a “strong Europe, which is developing and has a lot of weight, including in relation to Russia”.

But such statements, of course, not conspiracy theories and a complete opposite of her!

The symptoms are aggravated conspiracy

Of course, stagnation of the ratings of the Makron, the result of a Russian conspiracy, rather than a strategy that relies on semi-religious glorification of the leader and the displacement of ideas somewhere in the shadows at the back of “obsolete their” democracy. In any case, the incident can not be the fruit of excessive mediatization of campaign Rules that all the rest is devoid of any clear and lasting commitments. Or the natural consequence of broken promises to present clear figures on their asymmetric proposals.

Conspiracy has always been someone else, not power (even when she is trying to justify their own failures are someone else’s secret maneuvers) and her pet (even when the lack of any sane program point is not the first month, and he is not doing anything about it).

The cause of the failures are always conspiracies. Take the book by Dave and Lomma about the presidency of Hollande: the denial of their own responsibility and explain failures to external, hidden and simple factors (it is usually called conspiracy) — all distinctive features of orangism and his offspring.