Putin believes Russian prostitutes “world’s best”

The President of Russia has rejected the accusations of espionage for Donald trump, to which Moscow, according to him, showed no interest until the presidential elections in the United States.

“Duck”. So, Vladimir Putin called the 35-page material about alleged ties Donald trump with Russia and, in particular, salacious details of orgies in the prestigious Moscow hotel where US President-elect allegedly participated in 2013.
“Trump arrived and immediately ran to Dating Moscow prostitutes” — ironically Putin on last Tuesday’s press conference. The story the less believable he “for many years was engaged in the organization of beauty contests, communicated with the most beautiful women in the world.” Putin likes zalivatskiy hyperbole (unless, of course, does not speak with computer scientists and teachers) and did not deny himself the pleasure of this time: “you Know, I can hardly imagine that he ran to the hotel to meet our girls with low social responsibility. Although they are the best in the world, surely.” Clearly pleased with his words, Putin questioned, “what trump would kill for it.” Whatever it was, “prostitution is a serious, ugly social phenomenon,” he said to close the topic.

“There are no moral constraints”

Then he changed his mind, because has not yet exhausted all granted by way of the oldest profession opportunities. Besides, Putin never miss a chance to walk through the decadence of the West: “But the people who bought the fake of this kind that have been distributed against the elected President of the USA, fabricate them and use in the political struggle — is worse than a prostitute. They have no moral constraints at all. By the way, Russia is constantly dealing with these people, our opponents. But the fact that such methods are used against the elected President of the United States, is, of course, a unique case, this has never happened before. This indicates a significant level of degradation of the political elites in the West, including the United States.”

The Kremlin rejects all charges

The Kremlin from the outset, rejects all accusations of Washington’s interference in elections and the manipulation of candidate trump (via hacker attacks, propaganda campaigns and the compromising of elected President). He denies not only from interference, but also attempts to influence and even opinions about the new American leader. “I’m with Mr. trump do not know, I never met him, I don’t know what he will do in the international arena”, — said Putin. In addition, the intelligence agencies know very little about it and never paid attention to him, because no one knew about political agendas trump during his visit to Moscow. “Just a businessman, one of the richest men in America, — Putin continued. — That someone thinks we have the security services chasing every American a billionaire?” Rhetorical question.