Compromises Pinchuk = Munich-2017?

A kind of new year’s “gift” was prepared by the oligarch Victor Pinchuk… Social networks have not stopped for the third day. His article in the American edition the Wall Street Journal with the so-called “painful compromises” literally blew up the information space. Suggestions Pinchuk criticized by well-known politicians, public figures and journalists. Indeed, in this publication, the oligarch actually derived a formula of compromise for the sake of “peace” in Ukraine. That is, relatively recognizing the Ukrainian territory for the Ukraine, de facto it suggests to abandon them in favour of the occupier until better times…

“…Crimea is Ukraine and must return. But Crimea should not prevent the achievement of an agreement that will end the war in the East on the basis of justice. Will take place 15-20 years to provide sufficient economic growth to stabilize the infrastructure, social security and financial system. Then all in the Crimea want to live in Ukraine….The conflict in the East initiated from abroad and is not a struggle for autonomy or the civil war. Not the conditions for fair elections until Ukraine takes control of its entire territory. But we might not pay attention to it and to hold local elections,” writes Victor Pinchuk.

A logical question about that long a tempting offer — is it possible to meet a shark, if she’s already bitten off part of an arm or leg? Long been known that the goal of Putin is not even the Crimea or Donbass. Moreover, Putin is not going to satisfy their appetites Southeast areas to create a fictitious them “new Russia”. Putin’s goal is Ukraine’s statehood. Those who whispers all kinds of suggestion regarding the reconciliation, speaks not for world, but for fixed. Personality Pinchuk is in this respect very revealing. It’s not just one of the largest representatives of the oligarchic system of Ukraine, is the son of ex-President Leonid Kuchma.

In fact, Pinchuk is a family that is not just at the time laid the main problems under the statehood of Ukraine (Kuchma longer than any other occupied high positions in the state — the first year in the Premiership, and then ten years of presidency), she still has a huge influence on Ukrainian politics. Today, few remember that the first Maidan gathered against Kuchma, who wanted to make his successor, Viktor Yanukovych. And the second, already bloody Maidan, came out against a “disciple” of Kuchma — Yanukovych, who later came to power. Today, Kuchma is the third year represents Ukraine at the Minsk talks, which, especially in its format, initially are losing to Ukraine, and essentially carried out the Kremlin’s position on the actual control of the occupied territories of the Crimea and part of Donbass. How can you not remember that the “Minsk” was signed by Kuchma. Accordingly, the proposed Pinchuk — is, in fact, a logical step of the previous activities of this family.

Pinchuk in his article speaks about the prospect of 15-20 years, when Ukraine will become rich and prosperous, then the Crimea and the Donbass will want to return to the bosom of influence in Kiev. This populist “formula” is not new — it was announced by the President Petro Poroshenko in 2014. Yet, as we see, especially no one asks. On the contrary, politicians (on both sides) and Russian propaganda, Ukraine was de facto blockaded and cut off from Ukraine. It is no secret that the war of Russia against Ukraine in the Donbas has acquired more layer of corruption. So — freeze (not the solution) of conflict is beneficial to all parties at different levels of decision-making, in addition to an ordinary Ukrainian citizen.

Another very important point. “…And let’s face it, that Ukraine will not join NATO any time soon, nor in srednesrochnoi term,” — says Pinchuk. There is also an explanation and deep roots. Relevant statements fit well into the policy of Kuchma during his presidency. Recall that in the summer of 2004 — after the Istanbul summit NATO — Leonid Kuchma makes a 180-degree turn from the Alliance. Before that, the then NSDC Secretary Yevhen Marchuk was done enormous work on the way to NATO. He created the Foundation, presented, reported and answered questions on all stages of this process. And when it became clear that Ukraine is very close to signing the membership action plan (action Plan for NATO membership), it was at this time, Leonid Kuchma, for 1-2 days, together with Vladimir Putin disappeared from the field of view of the press somewhere in the sea of Azov. When he returned, Kuchma gives the command to immediately exclude from the Military doctrine of the formula of cooperation with NATO. Further, after coming to power, Yanukovych’s team have already recovered this formula through the Parliament and of the mentioned Law “About fundamentals of national security of Ukraine”.

By the way, in the first Minsk agreement (September 2014), which are then supplemented in February 2015, separately stated point about the personal safety of negotiators. Remembering the unfinished resonance “Gongadze case — Podolsk” seems to Kuchma, this item was very much needed. Recall that customers in this fundamental case is still not punished, and Kuchma and Lytvyn refuses to come to court even as witnesses. Unfortunately, no government, despite its many promises, it is absolutely not conducive to this (should come to court and see this), although the evidence is sufficient — just remember about the famous “Melnichenko’s films”, which are clearly documented Kuchma’s involvement in the crimes against Gongadze and Podolsky.

Not to mention the scandal concerning the financial support of the Clinton Foundation, from the Pinchuk wrote about in the American press. In General, it seems that the Ukrainian foreign policy is monopolized by one clan, because America was actually a bet on the victory of Hillary Clinton. By the way, trying to get through to the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs, for a reaction to or position on the “compromise Pinchuk”, had no success. Therefore, after the victory of Donald trump, the Ukrainian government remained in a large loss. Victor Pinchuk, meanwhile, seems to be trying to find approaches to the newly elected President of the United States. Considering how eager Russia is waiting for the inauguration of trump, who recently praised President Putin, that he decided the answer is not to send from Moscow of American diplomats (President Barack Obama signed a decree on new sanctions against Russia also expelled US 35 Russian diplomats from Washington and San Francisco), the term “compromise” sounding in article Pinchuk, trump handy.

As already mentioned a Ukrainian oligarch, “Crimea should be returned to Ukraine”, but that shouldn’t stop “on the way to an agreement that would put an end to the war in the East.” The formula “Crimea in exchange for Donbass” in 2014 voiced by experts who were convinced that an attack on Putin Donbass raised the stakes for Ukraine and the world just forgot about the annexation of the Crimea. The fact that a similar opinion a few days earlier, was expressed by former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger. According to the German newspaper Bild, he can become a mediator between Moscow and Washington, to develop a plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. The basic idea of Kissinger is that Russia “guarantees the safety of the East of Ukraine and gradually goes from there.” In turn, the West turns a blind eye to the “Crimean question”.

So, going back to the financing of the Clinton Foundation, Pinchuk, it should be emphasized that the active “development” of contacts with Western politicians family, “Kuchma — Pinchuk” has been going on for years. An example of this is the annual event organised by the family (Yalta forum, the Ukrainian Breakfast in Davos). Here it is worth mentioning that the current MP Anna hopko at the time warned which can cause the same “Yalta” strategy. Before the Yalta meeting in 2014, she posted on his page in “Facebook” the letter to the ex-President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski, who is Chairman of the YES Board, in which he said that he refused to accept the Yalta meeting and he, to put it mildly, “not advised”. “Consider your own participation and involvement of all the key politicians of the EU and Ukraine to YES, those that lag behind changes in the consciousness of the people and contrary to the requirements of time, the request of the society tested respecting the country”, — said Anna HOPKO. Pinchuk and his father-in-law Kuchma has made efforts to ensure that Ukraine is in the same condition in which it is located, said the activist. “Before the conference (YES. — “Day”) was famous guests such as well-known ukrainophobe Putin aide Sergei Glazyev,” she notes (“the Day” № 161 of September 2, 2014).

Today after the article Pinchuk Anna hopko again reminded of his position (her page is on FB): “Look who refuses to participate in the so-called Ukrainian Breakfast oligarch Pinchuk at the official forum in Davos in January 2017? The President should be the first to show an example, especially after the article Pinchuk.

Article Pinchuk — perfect exercise in reality distortion. Skillfully manipulating the facts and actually threatening the Ukrainians are still a large number of victims, Pinchuk at the same time gives hope, which is actually a tricked — Russian trap. Pinchuk tells us how to appease the enemy by completing its requirements. Does not say what to do to defeat the enemy. How could he have such confidence that if Ukraine would abandon the European and Euro-Atlantic integration, the war will stop? Ukraine has already declared non-alignment, did it stop Moscow from Ukraine’s involvement in its area of influence? Today it seems that in order to remain neutral, we need to defend ourselves and not retreat, because Russia has not fulfilled treaties and understands only force.

If Pinchuk is already talking about compromise, so I begin with the necessity of restoring confidence, which can only happen provided the withdrawal by Russia of its troops and return to Ukraine control of the border, including Crimea.

Holding any elections in the occupied territories is also not possible without the implementation of the above conditions.

We all understand the true purpose of this article Pinchuk. The path he offers is not the way of the world, and the road to the loss of the state.”


“To lift sanctions against Russia is possible only in the conditions of the scenario, which is described by Pinchuk”

Andrei Klimenko
, chief editor of BlackSeaNews project:

— This article is not accidental. There are two components of reasons for its occurrence. First. It’s not how to start a conversation, but how to get out of it. Pinchuk thus actually reminds Trump that they are familiar with. He tells the world that he is familiar with trump and even included him on Skype on one of their forums, YES. In this context, everything else looks the reason. Of course, the WSJ would not publish a phrase that Pinchuk with trump familiar. Therefore, the selected resonance the reason for the article from which the editors could not refuse.

Second. Of course, this kind of thing to a certain extent, are sounding out — the official opinions of the public reaction. Can not fail to arouse the interest of the fact that this is the second powerful sounding on this topic. The first attempt to monitor the reaction was when their statements did Kissinger. His words are almost identical to what he wrote Pinchuk. We can assume that the big business community are tired of war and sanctions. These circles are both in Russia and abroad. They are trying to start work on the denunciation of the sanctions, and it can be done only if the state of Affairs, which is described by Pinchuk. If you take the US, they are less concerned with sanctions. They are more concerned with policy. But Europe really interested in the recovery position on the Russian market. Honestly, I think that is not a Minsk-3 and Munich in 2017.

“Why Pinchuk takes the role to define the foreign policy vectors of the state?”

Sergei Ivanov, blogger, TV presenter:

— Pinchuk modeled with a certain new reality. You have to understand that he’s trying a long time to participate in politics. But his model is far from reality. Elections were held in the United States, and the results were not those for which he expected and which he invested. Now he, like any opportunist, trying urgently to reformat the agenda. While this man is not interested in the interests of the state and that the Ukrainians are fighting.

Why should he even give us tips? The article says that he is a businessman and philanthropist, but it is necessary to clearly indicate that he is an oligarch and son-in-law of a man suspected contract killing of a journalist. Moreover, his father-in-law was enriched solely due to corruption. It is unclear why this Pinchuk takes the role to define the foreign policy vectors of the state? Can you guess where grew legs in an editorial in the “Ukrainian truth” with a request to give Ukraine bezviz.

In the “mail Surkov”, by the way, was specific reference to his relationship with Pinchuk. This is relevant evidence. And Pinchuk met with him after the Maidan and the beginning of the war. However, he never assisted the Ukrainian army.